The great cult

By the word ‘cult’ it is most often meant a religious heresy. In  other words, a religion that resembles another larger religion, but is somewhat different in one way or another. In other instances, cult means a smaller religion, and in some others it means that such a religion also implements some hardcore practices, like isolation from the rest of the world.

When Christianity first appeared in Rome, it was a cult. It was seen as such by the rest, as the majority of the people abided to another religion, and so the Christians got prosecuted, probably because they posed a threat, since the Roman authority depended upon religion as well. And as Christianity got established as a state religion and evolved, fractions got created, like that of Arianism, and were often prosecuted by the majority, as well, leave alone the 3 main (in terms of numbers) Christian groups (Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox) that went in conflict against each other, as well.

When smaller or larger groups of people agree with each other, the one that disagrees with them is most often seen as wrong from their perspective, and the same occurs when we compare smaller to larger groups, where the smaller one always appears wrong. That’s basic in democratic thinking: The more, the better. And so that has also evolved to mean the more coins you possess the better it is, the more women, men, sex you have, the better it is, and so on. Quantity dominates quality from that perspective. Numbers matter more than what those numbers represent.

If we generalize and sort redefine the word ‘cult’ as a closed group (not necessarily religious), a clique that opposes or is opposed by other groups, then the world is pretty much full of those. And so there can be conflicts among people, not so much due to their individual disagreements, but rather due to agreed-upon ideas that they share with others, untill somebody else disagrees them. Nobody becomes a fanatic because of his own ideas. Nobody goes against another because of his own thoughts. He must share (agree with) those ideas with another (at least one) or others. ‘Free thinking’ that is based upon agreeing with others is some funny contradiction.

I don’t really ‘have’ any thoughts. I make them the moment I use them. And in order to be understood by others, I also have to agree to a point or another, so that later on I can disagree, otherwise nobody will understand what the hell I talk about. Then one could say that I have no contact with reality. He would mean I don’t agree with what he thinks reality is. As anyway, as we spend most of our time at home or at work or at school, reading and hearing about reality, instead of directly perceiving it, that’s what reality is, for those who do so. It’s what they think reality is. And the average or the majority of those ideas about reality, constitute that ‘great cult’ I put on the title.

I’m glad to write now that this average agreement about how things are, and what things are possible hasn’t been the same throughout the centuries. And things that are now considered ‘real’ were not necessarily like that, some time ago. It wasn’t always seen as polite for a customer to demand nice attitude from a shop owner (while he’s not that nice himself), because he paid his dear money to get something back. Nor was it always seen as ‘normal’ for men to run after (often annoyingly) women trying to convince them to go to bed or something. Nor was it always a reality that life is a struggle. Those are average agreements. And the best part is, that since few bother to perceive instead of listening and analyzing, few that care to influence the majority, do so very easily and effectively.

Most of our problems on a social level are completely non extant. But are being put there frequently by those few who wish to control others, as such. And as the rest believe them, they make them a reality. Don’t get gloomy reading about this. This isn’t anything to be gloomy about. It simply means, things are much much better than the average person thinks. All you have to do, is to depart from the average agreement, the so called ‘reality’ by some, and to visit truth. All it takes is some guts, some self determination, and some appetite for adventure.

Good luck.

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