Work ethics

By spending some of the best years of my life (physically speaking) copiously studying in school, I learnt one thing about work: ‘As long as it’s legal and it makes money, it’s good.’ That’s all. That’s all the sense of ethics Greek schools teach with regards to work, and I suspect it isn’t just Greek schools. And when somebody then independently searches for political affiliation through political parties and the media, that selfish perspective easily evolves into ‘as long as my boss makes money, it’s good, as I’m depended on him’ or maybe into ‘nobody should make money, as I can’t either’, or into other such theories. The driving force is supposed to be need of reward (for money or status), not to offer something. And that need -if not satisfied- can easily evolves into a whip, later on.

Now, when I talk about ethics I don’t mean those ‘right’ things one ought to do, and those ‘wrong’ things what ought to not do, so as not to get punished. Pushment has brought about twisted ideas about ethics and excuses to act unethicaly, as ethics became unethical.

Ethics is related to the greatest benefit and the greatest harm one can cause to himself as well as to all others, as well to everything else in any country, galaxy, universe. The more the benefit and the less the harm, the more ethics. And visa versa, the more the harm and the less the benefit, the less ethics. And of course what is beneficial for one, might be harmfl for another, so all should be understood and taken into account.

So you see that to make money, is not necessarily an ethical activity. It can be, but it doesn’t have to. If you sold junk for a price, even if that junk was legal, it would backfire at you, even if not legally.

‘By nature’, as a rule of the game of life, one is meant to be as ethical as possible, and one -if he even knows his own will- actually wants to. To be unetical is part of not knowing, not being oneself, and you could also call that insanity. So you see, that so called ‘normality’ might as well include ‘insanity’. For ‘normality’ is a term invented by (few) men.

It can be very therapeutic for a man whose life goes haywire, to sit and find if and what he routinely causes that harms more than benefits himself as well as others. One cannot allow himself to be well, while such conditions exist. As one doesn’t follow his own true will, his ethical will, he will find ways to alarm himself, so that he will realize that. He will cause trouble to himself, even via others.

I think when salaries get low and economies worsen, it’s because people should get a message; and untill they get the right message, that’s what will be happening. I for one think nobody should succeed by working for/supporting unethical business, leave alone by being unethical himself. That’s too fake and opposite, and I don’t think anybody truly wants to do it, either.

‘Holy work’ that is always ‘right’, is no excuse, either. ‘Work’ could mean to work for the mafia too. We can make work a self determined way to offer and to co-operate with each other. It’s 2016, time to end slavery?


2 thoughts on “Work ethics

  1. Great thoughts, but I don’t see the current system of slavery changing anytime in the future. Not only is it too entrenched, but it requires people to “sacrifice” for their own good and for others, and that willingness to sacrifice usually only appears in times of crisis. Besides, many sacrifices would be required simultaneously to enact change; too few making the sacrifice would render the movement impotent and the sacrifices “worthless.” I know I would be reluctant to stop working in protest, risking my barely livable income, without some certainty it would make a difference…

    So, as you say, we have to own our own choice to remain enslaved. But then, does it still qualify as slavery?

    1. I have realized some ways to deal with it, but not entirely. And I think untill I entirely deal with it, I shouldn’t say too much about the right way to deal about it. I don’t think collective action is necessary for one to be free. I think such ideas about interdependency limit our freedom. Neither do I expect nor demand from others to go my way. But surely, if I know of anything that I think can be useful, I’ll share.

      Surely, to be willing to offer what you offer makes it self determined. But in my case, I’m not willing to offer to just anybody.

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