Reality on drugs

How do people get to know each other?

You look at a person, you see some of the outer layers of his/her body, her skin, eyes, mouth, hair and so on, and you think you know something…

Then that person says something and you get so damn convinced you know something…

Unless you’re intuitive or at least try to perceive present time, you know about nothing. And if you’re too stupid, you think you know too much.

People get to read and talk about bunches of theories or ‘facts’ about the world, and then they look at the world and think they know something based on what they’ve read. Not only they don’t know, but they’re under the delusion they know. And that’s way worse, as from that point on that potential knowing the world, is occupied by false knowledge.

Knowledge is gained by knowing, and hearing and reading and figuring out based on that, is anything but knowing. And that’s how people get turned against each others, based on taught delusions. The more stupid one is, the more he thinks he knows, the less he cares to perceive. And so we can have people driven by delusions, which summed up pretty much form what i called reality.

And if one disagrees about that reality, how they fix him? They put him on drugs. That’s the closest to bringing a person back to reality they know. Did you know LSD, Heroin as well as most other now illegal drugs had in one time or another been legal and used by professionals? Perhaps that one of those inflammed realities of the past, they don’t want people to know. So they teach them fairy tales to keep them occupied with. They teach them how all blacks are bad, how all men are bad, how all commies and capitalists are bad. Pretty much, everyone is guilty, wrong and crazy…except those ‘teachers’, of course.

Sure, I don’t like any of those civics either, truth be told. But it’s to say a civic is fraudulent, than to attack it’s supporters, for those people are deceived, and most often, their opposing movements, are no better.

First they decide to create something that will be ‘a thing now’. Then they say that ‘it is a thing now’, and then the first ones adopt it, and the rest also see and copy it or react against it (again, after being guided to do so). And so, such ‘things’ are created and agreed upon. And the resulting conflicts make more news to talk about. And then they keep pointing all that out, and you can also see that it is ‘true’.

Most of the people I meet at work or elsewhere talk to me or treat me as if I was somebody else. Nobody cares to get to know me first. They already think they know all they need to know about me. The only know their own imagination. If I was a bit more naive, I’d believe and actually become like what the average think I am (hint hint). Actually, I’ve done that before.

That’s actually good news, although one shouldn’t expect to actually ever get any good news by the press. I’m not the press. So, I’m telling you it’s good, cause it means those conflict-making word problems are all hallucinatory.

Of course, it isn’t just professionals who act in such a manner. Any person who is a permanent ‘sinner’ will create conflict and trouble among others, to cover his own ‘sins’.

Have fun.

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