Waving flags vs being true

What I have noticed in my life is that the harder, the more forcefully one waves a flag of some idea or ideas, the more opposite he is to that idea, but that is concealed, often even from himself.

Yes. Most (not all) of those forceful ‘patriots’ I’ve seen never care do anything essentially good for anyone of their own country. Their caring ends when their hate for other countries ends as well. And that doesn’t mean they don’t hate their own country. They just use it to boost their own egos. ‘I am superior because people that I haven’t assisted a tiny bit, have done great things.’ That’s the logic where I live. So then some ‘patriots’ in some other country also had to invent the gene theory –that their ancestor’s good deeds lived through them. But where are all those good deeds in present? I never had any of those ‘patriots’ come and assist me in any way, but I had some get angry at me for listening to foreign music.

And many (not all) of those ‘free’ ones…don’t you dare disagree with them. Your brains must be malfunctioning to do so. Freedom is being a victim and criticizing you, but don’t you dare say otherwise, you fascist.

And one must be racist to not admit that all races are good except his own, which is always wrong, guilty etc. No wonder why some former anarchists actually joined neonazi groups where I live, they got fed up with themselves.

In case it hasn’t crossed anybody’s mind already, to create enemies for the group you’re part of (as well as for yourself) is treason, as you put your group in jeopardy. And although some are not aware of it, I’m sure some others are. I don’t really believe that all those who want to make all men indiscriminately seem evil tyrants in the eyes of all women indiscriminately, care for women. I think their purpose is different than what they claim. But their ‘caring’ for women’s suffering conceals that. I’ve no argument with ending tyranny of any sort, by why talk as if everyone was that? Why -like reporters- present the worst men as if men in general were like that? Apparently, my feminist friends are bright enough to understand that not all Muslims are misogynists, but don’t understand that not all men are misogynists.

To be precise, ‘misogynist’ means ‘woman hater’ (misos=hate and gyni=woman in old Greek), and I don’t see any love anywhere in leading women to such a direction. I’ve known many such woman haters, but don’t think they loved men any better. They just supported their sex to boost their own egos–much like what female woman haters do. I myself don’t feel any closer to men than women, and I wouldn’t see any love if I was hated just because I am a man and thus guilty of things I haven’t even thought, leave alone to do. Actually, that’s what they call ‘sexism’, as well. So I wish them success in fighting against that.

I don’t really whine about being hated etc. I’m pointing out some contradictions.

Most often grouping leads there, or so I have seen. Apparently, without being forceful you don’t draw much attention in a force universe, you’re not that convincing.

I feel that the closest to truth in terms of human character is neutrality (neutrality, not doubt) for that’s where opposing forces cease to exist. What you oppose snaps on your face. Moreover, others will shove on your face what they think you oppose, even if you don’t. Some need some extra, ultra pampering to be sure nobody opposes them. And even that is not enough; you have to support what they support or else. You have to join the stream they’re on.

My friends are scattered in many directions, or maybe in none. It’s hard to become a solid group like that. We are too airy. And so we also don’t bash anybody’s head in, for daring to have an opposing view. We don’t have any fixed views anywhere anyway, to be opposed, even if some like to imagine so.

The freer you are, the more you can allow all to be themselves, and still not feel estranged by that, and not love them less, and not feel less responsible for. And the more scam you become the more you have to demand that all ought to be the same scam too.


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