Knowing something before it exists

No, this post is not about psychics and oracles. It is about some who fraudulently act as if they were such.

Normally, something exists and then you can know that it exists, right? Well, it seems some have reversed that sequence because every day they make countless money speaking of non extant things, or of things that are insignificantly tiny and are spoken of as they they were huge, many of which later on become real. And them are always and only destructive things.

How does that work? Example: Sarah and John (all names are random) have a jolly good time being together. Adam is some envious guy who couldn’t even dream of having what John has with Sarah, and speaks derogatorily about Sarah every day to John. John is naive and thinks Adam who has been his friend for over 5 years, cares about him. John loses trust in Sarah. Sarah is influenced by Mary in a similar way. Eventually them two pick fights and become worst enemies. Adam had warned John that Sarah would eventually leave him for another, and so it happened. And Mary had been been warning about John’s and men’s anger issues. They are both confirmed true. But they wouldn’t be, unless they had interfered.

In present democracy, political decisions are rarely ever made by politicians anymore. They are made by those who inform people ‘how things are’ and consequently what the people want. They can decide who will be elected, anyway. They are necessary for anyone to get elected. And things are never like they say. Sometimes they are close to being that. But by informing people of chaos, people’s reactions creates chaos, and sales go up.

By pounding poverty, racism, sexism and other things as if they were all around, those things become more real in the minds of people, and then in their (re)actions too, as people are driven by their minds. All those things start from somewhere –from one or few sources and then expand. Nobody is inherently that. And then to advertise them, even if in an opposing manner, doesn’t make them go. If they wanted truth, they would reveal the source(s) where the problems start from, so as to solve them. To say something is a ‘social problem’ is an implication that it was, is and will forever be inherently there. And that’s an advertisement.

Factions get made and fight each other. And as they fight each other, those guys keep projecting one side only to the opposite side. The blues read about the greens, and the greens about the blues, and it’s all always hostile talk. And those factions draw more and more attention fighting each other, and the circle goes on…

I’m not asserting those bad things cannot exist without press. But I know the way to end them, is not by advertising them. If you don’t like being sad, be something else. Don’t be sad and then fight against it. That wont work. It will make it even more intense. I don’t have an opinion about Brexit, and it wouldn’t had occurred without help from the media. Now half are against the other half –proper chaos.

I hope I’m understood. Don’t believe a word you hear about the world. Believe in your eyes.


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