Almost nobody likes a person with rude, offensive attitude.

But why should one’s attitude have an impact on another? Or worse, why should anyone numb himself so he will sort of dodge being impacted by that? If one manages to make you reduce your senses so you wont be affected, he has a great impact on you.

True power lies in being able to stand your ground, perceive clearly and tolerate anything, without feeling harmed and reducing your affection, without feeling a need to react, nor to suppress a reaction. Nothing could happen to you then.

This is not the same as becoming a sort of a robot. It’s pretty much the opposite. And robots aren’t very loving, they don’t understand much, they don’t say anything that genuinely comes out of them.

All I mean is to comfortably be yourself, no matter what. And before you think that it’s hard or possible, I’m also adding that I don’t think most have ever even tried it.

If you have to hate due to another, he has a great impact on you. And as you hate, that will grows bigger. When one feels offended, it is suggested (by another or even by himself) to him he has done or been something wrong. And that puts him to think about it over and over…and probably later on do the same to the other –all accompanied by respective painful emotions.

Why get into all that? One who attacks, is one who attacks. It doesn’t have to mean anything more than that. And one who attacks by himself, without provocation from the other side or a counter-attack or feeling like a victim or complaining or other reaction on the other side, is an obviously mad guy.


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