Some thoughts

I feel so nice and calm and everything is alright. Then I try to tell the truth -as I know it- to others, and I feel bad, chaos, and my environment becomes chaotic too.

I desire to do it, and on the same time I think I shouldn’t.

Perhaps it is up to each person to know by and for himself. I know I wanted to learn all I know. I am fully responsible for it. But I don’t know the same about all others.

Perhaps it’s that –each one is fully responsible for her/his condition, and it is not up to me as an individual guys to change that. And that would a violation of one’s self determination, anyway. Pushing/pulling cannot be good.

And that’s the reason why I haven’t compiled that book yet. I wanted to understand what is going on better.

I now only wish to talk about those things with people who have similar perspective as me. To do otherwise would be like trying to convince somebody.

A book, an article should be picked up, not shoved in people’s faces at random.


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