The witch and the witch hunter

There is some major flaw in human logic, a product of thousands of years of perpetuated conditioning, that makes most very naive and manipulable.

Most think that if one accuses somebody of something, he is automatically the good guy.

They think that a punishment-longing, bitter, critical fault-pointing one, who tells them they are the victims of another, is necessarily on their side, and fights their enemies.

They think that if somebody claims to fight against some dark side, he is necessarily on the light side.

Sure I have known people who weren’t evil at all, to point out dark sides. But that’s not necessarily true.

I think I have spotted a way to tell the difference between a genuine light sider and a dark sider. Although those sides are not really a being’s true nature, they can be chosen roles in life.. The difference is the dark sider seeks punishment, is very unspecific who should be punished and why (just raises dust, covering the guilty ones), breeds fear, creates confusion, attacks innocent people. The other who points out a dark side, does so to liberate it’s victims from it. He doesn’t incite further entanglements into some dark side, hate, fear. He incites liberation. Of course, one with honest intentions can also act like a dark sider, while being influenced by one.



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