Hello again

Throughout my course of writing online I have noticed a wide variety of reactions. Some were glad and ‘gained’ something from what they reading, and others didn’t, while others had rather negative reactions.

And since I don’t write out of boredom or caprice, and I want my readers to gain something good from reading, I have decided more than once to close the store, re-examine and see what could be improved.

Some would like you to be like this and some others like that. Some would try to understand why you are the way you are, or just let you be, while some others wouldn’t. And being just a person couldn’t keep all satisfied and still write. I would need to be God.

So now I have come up with an idea (as well as appetite) to tailor-make my communication for each person individually. And that means individual counseling, for those who need and want it.

At the moment I do not intend to be a professional ($) so that means I will do it for free, for the sole purpose of helping somebody help her/himself. My intention is to have somebody enhance his/her own self-determination and win more at life, instead of telling her/him what the truth is, what he should do etc. My ‘pay’ is that when that occurs to another, it also occurs to me as well.

I am convinced that everyone is up to the task of living successfully, despite circumstances, and in accordance to what that person considers to be success. And my intention is to have a person put himself out of a maze he might be in, and create a straight line between himself and what he, himself and nobody else wants. Yes, I have faith that one’s own true will is always good for the person and those around him, as long as it’s true, and that’s what I want for myself and for others, as well.

The counseling will be a series of steps, or a single step the person can take to head towards that direction. And yes, that can easily be done online too. If we were all in one location more things could be done. But now I’ll be glad to help as much as I can, with what I have, and that doesn’t have to be a small thing, it can be huge.

I am not affiliated with psychology nor with any religion. I just know some things that can be really useful. Also, I do this on my own volition and I will only do it as much and for as long as that exists. It would be absurd to say that I would like to enhance somebody’s self-determination while my own was overshadowed by obligation, money or something else, right?

I will probably need to set up a proper webpage at some point, but until them, anyone who wishes to communicate something, can freely do so here or by sending an e-mail at my address sand_and_mercury@hotmail.com.

Have a nice day 🙂


11 thoughts on “Hello again

    1. Hello, sorry but for some reason I didn’t get notified that I had a reply in my inbox, and I didn’t open my wordpress either. I’m going to check your blog out. What kind of victimizing would you like? 🙂

        1. I find it hard to describe it too. I want to grant self-determination, with minimum control from my behalf, or rather have one grant it to himself. What would you like to handle?

          1. I have a lack of motivation. I see myself as psychologically superior [in terms of maturity and wisdom] to the majority of humanity. So superior that I cannot be understood by my kin, and because I embody the faults in their belief system, they hate me.

            This isolates me. Yet, all I want, is companionship. Everything other desire falls to the side of this goal, that the resources necessary to achieve, may simply not exist for. I therefore lack motivation.

            1. Thanks for telling me Louis. If you want my opinion, If we lived in a fanatically Muslim, a Christian, an Atheist, Communist, Capitalist etc country -that is to say where the vast majority embraces those perspectives and bashes at those who don’t- we would be isolated and bashed at, unless we subscribed to the same. It’s pretty obvious. I don’t think anyone ought to subscribe to anything mentally, nor otherwise, by nature, by God nor by anything else, even if the majority does so. And that doesn’t mean minorities are more right either. I am freer when I let guys be, while I also let myself be, as well. When I try to change their mind and when they try the same forcefully, we have trouble.

              Not all are the same though. I have been glad to have found people with perspectives similar to mine, and it’s much more valuable than being part of the average or mentality. Fanatic mentalities were meant to create such herding, divisions and war, so the group will have a monopoly over people’s minds, and destroy those who don’t. An if you focus on that, that you will get. Yet, we all have something in common–that which employs mentalities (or not) and if you focus on that, that you will get too. 🙂

              1. Sound advice. But, let’s say that I know all that. Let’s say that my superiority lies not in my philosophy, but in my mental characteristics – that I am capable of correctly assessing information far too complex for most, and use that capability to grow exponentially as a person, rather than gathering power or resources.

                So, while I completely acknowledge the similarities between myself and everyone else, for me to socialize with the average person, is like babysitting a child. This because, I am so vastly different from others, that they cannot comprehend my actions, or the thoughts motivating those actions.

                Therefore, no tolerable companionship is to be found. I’ve looked far and wide, and all that I’ve found is different expressions, different forms, of the common mindset – still merely common. I’ve examined the works of the great minds, whom many laud as paragons, and found most to be nothing more than highly trained – still just a different expression of common.

                So, I see no actionable course; no ideal path to finding companionship. I fear that my problem is very, very simple: strong people rarely exist. And even if they do, there being no place for them to fit in, there is no particular place I can look for them.

                I don’t know if I can endure a life of looking, when every moment, I am surrounded by treacherous fools, whom hate me for merely existing.

                1. I understand. I think the people who have broken free (or have never been subjected) from average agreements, and offered (created) something significantly beneficial have been very few, and maybe not that popular either –at least not in their times.

                  I head my own way, if somebody comes, good; if not, OK. Plus, I no longer sit and debate with those who think that average or majority or established, or something of that sort equals right. I only address those who might be somewhat subjected to such a thing but wish to be free from it.

                  I have also been free from ideas like that I ought to have a companion, which has resulted in less protest against not finding, and more easy finding.

                  Perhaps leave alone what you have experienced and focus more on what you could?

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