How to make your life easier

Now, this is something out of own experience and not out of studies, although it did prompt me to something I had read before that I hadn’t understood like I do now.

I do have an impulse to share my own successes every now and then, so that others can have them too. Also, I tend to avoid sharing ideas that I don’t really know that are true, for the same reason.

This is about change and destruction. For the purpose of understanding this, you need to assume that something is true, even if it is not true for you (yet): There is an impulse for things to be alright.

I understand the protest such an idea could cause. Since there is such an impulse how come things are alright or fully alright for some, many or most?

Answer: That impulse can get hidden.

How come those folks sit down, trying not to think of anything, trying to do absolutely nothing? To some this appears like retreat from life, and some aim for such a thing, indeed. But that is not true for all.

If you wish for problems try to change or destroy what is. If you wish to perceive problems, do the same, even by your mere thinking.

Does that mean we all ought to sit apathetically and do nothing throughout our whole lives? No.

For something to exist, a creation needs to occur. By ‘creation’ here, it is meant the sequence from nothing to something. A creation could be an idea, an atom, a wolf, or anything else. Pure creation starts from nothing, while lower forms of creation are actually changes. When you ‘create’ a painting you actually change the position and composition of the paint on the canvas. But without the created paint and canvas, there couldn’t be any painting either.

Time is continuity of creation. The paint and canvas exist, and go on existing, and that is time.

What do all those things have to do with making our lives easier and better? The impulse for things to be alright is a creation as well, and of course all those ‘things’ are creations too. When you try to change those creations, what you do is counter-create them, and the result is trouble. You try to counter-create what is being created, and the result is chaos, problems.

Lets say someone has no money. The way to fail in getting money is to try to change or destroy the fact he has no money –that is to say, to fall into endless figuring it out, to complain, fight it etc. Odds are that would result to him getting worse than before. To ‘get money’ is in fact a creation out of nothing. And he is meant to do it, as he is meant to be alright. All he has to do, is to easily flow along with that creation, instead of counter-creating it. And that applies to anything one wants or wants not in life –don’t counter-create. This doesn’t mean to turn a blind eye and/or to not speak the truth. It just isn’t true that truth is cold and hard like you might hear.

People are basically good, and they wish for themselves and others to be well, as well. It is their contrary convictions that they get in one way or another (that can get too complex to explain) that eventually obscure that fact. And that turns against them, as they turn against their own creations.

One could sit down and do nothing or just create what he wants. Neither is wrong. The trouble starts with counter-creation. The more one engages into counter-creating the more ugly, dull and grim things can appear, and the more untrue the notion of things being alright seem to him. One needs some capacity to remain uninfluenced by what he hears or sees that others do, for not all are the same page. Counter-creation can be a very common thing to witness, leave alone to read about in the news. And it is important for one to drive himself on his own path and in accordance to his very own perception, even if he wishes to co-operate with others.

I understand what I write in here contradicts pretty much what most have written, but it is my own conviction that If you understand and use this -which is in fact very easy and simple- you’re going to win, like you’re meant to.


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