Do you live your own life?

Another useful thing that occured to me, was about engaging into activities, games. How many and to what degree are they of our own choose? And by say ‘games’ and ‘activities’ I mean anything from reading a tiny article to choosing a life–long partner or career.

We do get conditioned to sort of ‘like’ what we’re engaged into; and when that doesn’t work (it never really does, unless it’s self-determined) we get assigned fault, by various means.

There can be many tricks designed to lure somebody in, force to stay into things that are not really of his own choosing, as well as to keep him away from what he wants. That is done by using logical, emotional and other fabrications; yet, all are untrue and don’t lead to any good end. One wont allow himself to succeed in a field he doesn’t want to succeed in. Consequently you can assume that success is proportional to how much one really wants it.

Despite the reasoning one uses to convince himself, if something makes him feel sick, he just shouldn’t be engaged into it, at least not in the way he is. Sometimes we get repulsed from a subject, not because of the subject itself, but because something else about it repulses us. And sometimes that could be our own attitude towards it, as well. We need to know what it is, before we blow everything up because something no longer feels good. I mean how come it felt good yesterday (if it did)?

The solution is obvious and simple, and I don’t need to point it out again. 🙂


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