Intuition and logic

Nobody’s perception is inherently wrong. One can go wrong by denying his perception and adopting another’s instead.


– I don’t want to eat that.
– Why? It is nutritious it will do you good. Eat it.

He eats it, and he gets food poisoning. It actually happened to me when I was a kid.

– I don’t want to do that job.
– Why? It pays well, it is high in status, there is unemployment. Do it.

The guy does it and spends the rest of his years in misery. He tries hard to make himself like it, he takes drugs, counseling, meditation, shopping this and that, and although he temporarily feels a little happier, he falls back down whenever he goes back at work. He gets ‘accustomed’ to it to the degree he no is no longer aware that he doesn’t want to do that job, and he blames his mental state or other things, instead. That hasn’t happened to me to such an extent, but I’ve been close.

What’s the catch in both cases? The guy is asked to justify logically why he doesn’t like, want something. He is asked to put logic above direct perception and will. And thus he agrees to deny his perception and will. It is common to consider logic above any other kind of thought. But to be logical, one needs to use past information or even information he himself hasn’t observed. And that is inferior to simply and directly perceiving present time, without getting past information mixed in that.

No matter the effort put, one cannot really deny his perception and will. But he could ‘cover’ it with ideas and other things. One would need to hide from himself that he doesn’t want to be somewhere and do something if he was to feel a little better about it. And that is common practice in psychology and so many other things, that preach adaptation.

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