Fighting in democracy

Inherently, democracy was meant to function for the greatest good –for the majority. Under certain circumstances however, to serve the majority, is not always to listen to the majority.

The majority and the average, given certain ‘training’ can figure out that it serves them best to go invade Poland and wind up invaded soon after.

It isn’t that the majority is naturally ill-intended. It is that the majority can be made to perceive ill intentions in others, and assume a permanent hostile stance, while thinking it is a defensive stance. And that gives others the impression they are ill-intended indeed. And that done to many sides creates fighting, war. And that war can occur between groups as well as between individuals.

Essentially, whenever that occurs, tiny minorities rule the majority. They rule their minds first, so as to rule their bodies. That is why in our democracy wherein people are given certain liberties and rights over themselves, and control cannot be exerted so much by direct means. Those who wish to control try to control means of information first. For the most part those are the media, education and religion.

That way they can be made to think that to work for a tiny amount of their production’s value is for some greatest good, as well as other things that are essentially against them.

Then some self-proclaimed masters of ‘righteous’ thought jump in to unkindly make those who disagree conform, by labeling them traitors, insane etc.

They are all meant to serve few –actually, the worst of us.

Honest people who just want to live are not occupied with mind control. And thus democracy wherein one tries to convince the other makes them invisible, and makes them appear weak.

Democracy can only be democracy and function for the greatest good when people perceive for themselves, think for themselves and have their own will.


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