I fight for my freedom but where is it?

We’ve all heard or read romantic stories of those warriors who fought for their freedom and eventually got it through struggle and sacrifice. But where is that?

I neat way to make the relatively un-free become less free is to put them fight for their freedom. All those who eventually broke free did so by disregarding those who wanted them un-free, not by fighting them.

The Icelanders flew Norway and did their own thing. And to some degree the early north Americans too. If instead of that they had invaded Norway and England respectively, their stories would be different; just like Greece fell for the first time in known history, after Alexander started conquering land after land until he reached India.

What you fight against, what you resist, you are going to get. It takes authority to match and fight against another’s authority. Fighting is ‘you have no right to be, do, have but I do’. In freedom there is no such thing.

Yes, I do advocate strength. But strength put against another’s strength isn’t that strong anymore.Beings are meant to be self-determined, and to attempt to take that right away will consume the perpetrator’s strength and free will.

Go have a look around the world if you want, and see how individual liberties go hand in hand with peace, and how those get consumed by fighting mentality, where that exist.

There is no reason to fight for freedom. There can be reasons to disagree with and be free from un-freedom, and those two things are not the same. Simply put, you have the right to be free, you don’t have the right to take another’s freedom to be free. If you do, another is going to take yours.

That’s the trick those who create conflict pull. They know that very well. Their motto is ‘incite chaos, then impose order’.

Nobody needs to play (or be played in) that. All can be free.


2 thoughts on “I fight for my freedom but where is it?

  1. Yes!! Yes!! Yes!!

    You hit this one right on the mark, Spyros. I wish everyone could grasp this point!

    Unfortunately, it’s up to each of us to find our way to this point, and as you’ve pointed out many times, too many of us are too easily misled. Sigh…

    (Think the word “point” is used often enough to convey my frustration? Lol!)

    1. ‘Just head your own way, and speak your truth.’ That’s what I ‘tell’ myself. Those who wish, can do the same. And that hasn’t really happened before. At least not in large scales.

      Propaganda might seem powerful, but it’s as true as powerful.

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