Not learning

Those who have read some of my articles will have probably figured out that I don’t believe any of us have the right knowledge to teach, but each one should perceive for and by himself, instead.

Yes, we can communicate, of course; but not with that authority of ‘I know better because’.

When somebody tells me or writes about something that ‘clicks’ with me, then yes, I accept it, to the degree that it clicks with me, because I can perceive it. It’s as if somebody pointed my attention towards a direction for me to perceive, instead of putting something there for me to perceive and think it’s true. It is vastly different to say “behind that building there is a tree, if you go there you will find it”, and to say “I have studied trees for over 30 years and I know they’re all apple trees, and believe me because I know what I’m talking about. After all, I make money from this and I wear a tie”.

I hope you understand the difference.

I have noticed efforts on behalf of some to have people no longer learn from each other, that is to say understand each other. And it can be quite a valuable thing. Actually, it can make all the difference in the world, in one’s life.

Some start the not-learning intentionally, and others perpetuate it while they repeat it. There is a perpetrator-victim condition, although often some insist to get victimized by that. For example someone comes up with the idea that all black cats are ‘satanic’ and the cat-hunting begins, to the degree that the rest believe it.

To make something wrong and guilty is to no longer learn from it/learn it, understand it. You insist to hold on to what you have in mind about it instead of just perceiving it. It is a neat way to sneakily control people for those who start it.

But why start it anyway? Basically, it is a great irony that those who start it, do so to ‘support’ the people they’re addressed to, or so they say. But in actuality, what they do is to divert their attention to an opponent that might or not be imaginary, because they are the real opponent.

Never have those who have hunted down and punished people for actual, exaggerated or imaginary misdeeds been saints themselves. They are usually the worst, in that respect –at least those who organize it. What to expect from people who preach and believe that ‘people are inherently bad, unless pressed down by force’? That’s what they tell you about themselves. And they scapegoat others instead. If somebody should be hunted down, it should be them, above all.

Am I saying misdeeds are good now? Of course not. But punishment is not a healthy treatment. It is definitely not help. And it isn’t isolating one so he wont harm others. Punishment is punishment. It is done with hate. There is no good purpose behind it. And no, nobody learns love through punishment (hate).

People who habitually harm need help, not to get incapacitated so they wont feel their bodies, not to get raped in prison. And it might take a lot of strength to help some people. Those who don’t have it, should make way for those who do.

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