Why somebody doesn’t get your point

Aside from language barriers and minderstandings that could be solved if addressed properly, there could be occasions wherein one would insist to misunderstand and misinterpret, whether he expressed it or not.

Not all perceive from the same nor similar nor compatible perspectives.

If -for example- you tried to explain to somebody in detail that something was not fair, it’d be possible that person would not grasp it, for not everybody’s thinking and acting abides to any fairness. One who gives 10 or steals 50, is most likely to complain because you give 60 and not 100; or worse he could accuse you that you had stolen 50 from him and even believe it himself. One could completely disregard bad things that he does, and only complain about bad things done to him, or exaggerate them, or completely imagine them.

Past a certain point, it isn’t only that a person can act unfairly in some occasions –intentionally or accidentally.  It is that he loses awareness of fairness as well. The same could occur with other concepts that some consider good like kindness, caring and so on.

The more a person engages into things that harm more than benefit the greatest good, the more he loses awareness of that greatest good; or in other words, the more those things seem unreal to him. Possibly such a person could only apply ‘kindness’ fraudulently which would also mean that he would consider all acts of kindness done by others to be fraudulent, as well.

Of course, that backfires at him; As he falls into a circle of  perceiving the harm done to others back to himself. A person who is not to be trusted, couldn’t trust anyone either, although he could pretend to do both.

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