Chaotic and direct control

Control that doesn’t include chaos is a rare thing to experience.

It is the chaos element in control, that gives control an evil significance.

Chaos is the result of collision of opposing forces. Without chaos, there cannot be enforcement, enforced control.

Enforcement means that there is an ‘own will’ and an ‘other’s will’ opposes it. The result is chaos.

Example: One wishes to stay at home and another forces him/her to go out. That could be done in an almost infinity of ways. The most obvious enforcement would be violence or threat of. There could be -however- more sneaky ways to enforce control. One could appeal to the other persons’s sympathy and tell him ‘oh I’m feeling so bad all day at home, let’s go out’ or use ‘friendly’ derogatory terms to enforce it like ‘don’t be such a geek, let’s go out’ or even ask ‘shall we go out?’ while the other person knew that if the answer was no, there would be consequences like reduced friendship from the person who asked. All those examples count as enforcement. Anything put against one’s will is that, whether it is obvious or not.

There could also be non-chaotic means to control. Have you ever experienced having such a good, and close friend or colleague or something else that your wills coincided? It has occurred to me to even say the same things on the same time, or to call each other on the same second and instead of hearing each other’s phones ringing to hear nothing, as we had picked up the phones had dialed each other’s number on the same time. Generally speaking, it has occurred to me to have some will and for another to have the exact same will, and that is non chaotic control. It could also be called direct control.

Such control doesn’t include enforcement, as one’s will is also the other’s. But who controls whom in such a case? They both control themselves, they are both controlled by themselves. In fact, the very core of their selves -which is infinity- controls both.

As one considers himself one and a product of the material universe, he tries to become infinity again through it. That explains how and why some people get so frantic to control each other through the use of the material universe (force) either directly or indirectly. Deep down they are backed up by a good intention. However, due to the concepts they have about what they are, they don’t quite make it. In fact, the don’t need to become what they actually are.


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