I don’t want to open a topic that’s been talked about millions of times, and debate the same, taking one side or the other.

To the question’should there be equality or not?’ I’d ask in turn ‘equality in what?’

I think in order to have a fair life all should play by the same rules. You couldn’t have a basketball game wherein one is allowed to kick the ball, the other is allowed to bite other player’s ears off, and the rest are subjected to a strict referees rules, all that while the players were not sure which rules applied to whom. That would drive players mad.

And in every day life, if there should be a rule ‘all should make their own fortune’, or ‘all should abide to law’ or ‘all should be granted the same liberties’ then that should apply to all.

And if such rules applied to all, then vast changes would occur. For starters, mr Rockefeller’s sons would need to start making their own money from zero, and the financial system as we know it would change vastly.

I’ve hearing a lot about financial equality, racial equality and sexual equality. And so that is my answer: To be fair, all should play by the same rules.

Other than that, other than equal rights, hindrances and obligations, equality can have various other trap meanings.

In mathematics equal means ‘same in quantity’. And more broadly it also means same in quality as well. That equals to all being the same. To an extreme, that would mean that Spyros would look like this, and think like that, and act in this manner and everybody else ought to do the same, if such equality was to be forced. What would that add up to? Very limited liberties, since all ought to abide to what I am, do and have. Actually, you would really need to make robots out of people so they will all think the same, act the same, look the same, possess the same and so on. And of course, one couldn’t do that, if he hadn’t granted himself a position of authority above others so as to impose it.

Have you ever noticed that happening?


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