Changing the world

I saw a funny comic-like picture recently. There was a sort of a gathering and somebody asked the people there ‘who wants to change the world?’ and everybody raised their hands. Then he added ‘and who wants to change?’ and nobody replied.

What we call ‘the world’ and each individual are not that irrelevant. They could be irrelevant, but they aren’t.

In a world with free thinking, free acting individuals, that world would be equally free.

A society with very energetic individuals would have a very high flow of currency, as well. What energy is for a body, money is for a society, in it’s current form. And as money gets banked, and goes out of circulation in a society, that society also has greater fat residuals that are most likely not going to get burnt.

The government and the deep state (look this up, if you don’t know what it means) represent the conscious and subconscious control that each individual exerts over himself. If most individual energy is wasted in and by his subconscious, most money goes to the deep state as well. You could say all that counter-productive thinking, feeling etc that has power over you (with your own consent) is your personal deep state, and the average subconscious reflects in society as well.

A society with internal conflicts will have rather chaotically-thinking individuals. A society where mental conformity (brainwashing) prevails will be a rather authoritarian one. And a society at war will have people with such mentality as well.

Society’s form represents the average internal form (body and mindset) of the average individual; as we have representation after all. It isn’t that individuals take society’s form, although that could occur as well, due to reflection. But prior to that, since society is composed of individuals, it takes it’s individual’s form.

To assert that by changing society we change individuals means to assert that individuals should be subjected to society’s average mindset. We also assert that dependency should exist from a person to a society so he can live well; and like -much like anything else- reflects in society as well –irresponsibility, blame and victims. And as an individual expects from others, society will expect from others too.

A society without self-determined individuals cannot be self-determined. There will be ‘reasons’ why it cannot be, just like it’s individuals will think there are reasons why they cannot be either. But the truth of the matter is, all those reasons, no matter how convincing they might appear, are but shadows both in an individual and a social level.

The problem is one creates problems for himself, and so does a society as well. Individuals feed their subconscious with energy, which in turn gives them problems that they try to figure out solutions for; and societies pay those who profit from it’s problems; or in other words, those who create problems so they can offer their solutions.

Why do it? There is no reason to. Unlike what we get taught, problems are not inherent in any society. And problems are not inherent in individuals either, unlike what we get taught. And the media and history books, if they wanted to speak the truth about what they call ‘the world’, wouldn’t only focus on the worst that happens to the world (war etc), and even exaggerate or fabricate it, and the same applies to what you put your attention on (your ‘media’) and how you exaggerate or fabricate problems from it (past incidents, future fears etc).

Go out and take a walk if you will. And see where all those dangerous and emetic news are hiding right now –nowhere. They just aren’t real. They might occasionally become real for some who are really into playing those games, but even then they’re not like they’re talked about.


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