“Destroy them with care”

Caring is good, caring is nice. Everybody knows that. And if I didn’t care to make something known, thinking someone could benefit from it, I would keep it for myself; although I believe in that case I wouldn’t even know it myself.

However, there is vast difference between ‘caring’ and ‘caring’.

I don’t follow the American elections. But since many of my facebook friends do, I do too without caring to do so.

So I encountered this new article today about Trump saying he doesn’t think mental treatment for PTSD is necessary for soldiers –being tough guys and all. And of course some of my caring friends cared to point that out as cruelty.

In case you haven’t noticed, I don’t support war and fighting in general. Not so much because the view of it scares me, nor because it makes me feel pity for it’s victims. But because I don’t want myself nor anybody else to be used. I have very high tolerance for war. I could sit and watch one million kill another on an armchair eating pop corn. And when the injured from the defeated side complained about having lost their land, family and limbs I would nicely point out them that if they didn’t wish to fight and get fought back as well they shouldn’t had gone to war in the first place. I find it a bit ignorant to assume that you’re going to fight another, while the other will kindly let you defeat him.

Also, I couldn’t care less about those two opposing parties. I might have some good or bad things to say about one or the other, but generally speaking they -by far- don’t represent my political ideas.

But guys, come on now, imagine having a war wherein one side tries to defeat the other, and one of those two sides gets treated and pampered and thinks of itself to be fragile babies…they’re all going to die!

That’s my opinion. I’d do that to defeat my enemies easily, without needing to put up much of a fight. Alas, I’m not that sneaky. Moreover, I don’t have any enemies.

But some do, and they do try to soften others for that reason. They say ‘love and light’ and ‘manners’ and they mean ‘soften up so I can control you’ (not all who say so means that, by any means).

Don’t think I support cruelty. Nor do I support hysterical nagging about the bad things others do to us. I do support strength for it is prerequisite for independence.


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