I don’t think there can be right and wrong music, painting, art in general.

A painting might look good in it’s simplicity, complexity, realism or wild fantasy. And whether it looks good to me or not, is not an objective matter. Art is not science.

And those who go around attacking other’s art of any form could get asked to make their own art instead. Odds are they couldn’t do any. It isn’t that artists are a special race. It is that not all allow their artistic potential free, for reasons only themselves know. Like I mentioned before, one tries to assign his own abilities, inabilities, freedom or un-freedom to others as well. And an artist will most likely allow another artist to be, in turn; even if the other artist’s art is not his taste.

There can also be efforts to make art without making art. It’s the intention that matters. Is the intention to create something beautiful? If so, it doesn’t matter whether me or another finds it beautiful or not.

In art that attempts to appeal to as many as possible however the rules change; as some try to mix it with science. Some actually research what would appeal to people, and give people what they think they would want, so as to sell more.

Since not all have the same taste in art, researchers try to find out what would attract the most. So, instead of just making art they infuse it with certain emotional, sexual triggers and other things.

It isn’t that artists who engage into that aren’t actual artists. It is that they are given rules to play with by others.

And so you can get bands who make great music at first; and later on as they make it a routine, as they intend to sell, and as they get pushed by record companies, they just lose their touch.

It’s the democratic and collective ideology that ‘something needs approval to be right’ that destroys art, as well as other potential in people. And how is that approval shown? Money! The more, the better.

And so you also get into a line of thinking wherein you admire money holders for you think they must be better than the rest.It isn’t that they are better or worse than the rest. It is that they appeal to more people.

And so somebody who pounds in his songs the same catchy phrase (with sexual implications) from the beginning to the end is considered ‘#1’ as he sells more than the rest, making the rest appear inferior.

It isn’t that other artists couldn’t make money. It is that the majority agrees (after having been trained to) that’s where money should go to, as money symbolize the energy units (including attention units) they give to things. You can also get occasions where great artists (that have a great impact on others) make money, while staying true to themselves. And that applies to art as well as to any other thing.

But the bottom line is that quantity of approval, attention, money doesn’t necessarily equal quality.

Quantity given is quantity received. And quality given is quality received as well. That’s what we have advertisements and propaganda for, as well as other attempts to monopolize (fix) people’s attention.


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