Who is above whom?

When you are observed being, doing, having something another cannot allow himself to, he will try to take that freedom away from you too, as you will be bringing on surface (in his mind) all those reasons why he cannot.

To compensate for what one cannot do, he will try to rise in status that he will use to force inability in others too. If he doesn’t make it, he will try with logical or emotional fallacies to pull others down. For example, like I’ve mentioned before, ‘equality’ could mean everyone is up but it could also mean that everyone must be kept down.

There is no elite slave-driving the world. There is the impression all the rest have that them are elites, powerful etc. People become -in fact- slaves to their own false impressions.

People that could control, don’t need to try to force control. If you can ask somebody -calmly- to go out for coffee, if you can grant that freedom of choice and self-determination to another, you wont need to push him to, and it will also work out. But such a thing, such granting of freedom to another, would drive an unfree crazy, so he would attempt to push instead.

Arrogance and humility are sides of the same coin. It takes arrogance to demand another’s humility; that while the arrogant one is also humble inside of him before something he cannot overcome (inability). If he doesn’t make it to be arrogant, he feels way to humble to take it, so he gets obsessed about it. In fact, if you could make an arrogant person more able, freer he would no longer need to be arrogant and demand another’s humility.


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