Demonizing creativity

Creativity means the capacity to create, and to create means to make something out of nothing.

On a personal level that is called imagination; while on a level that includes many persons it is expressed as creating reality, that is perceived as reality by those persons.

It only gets attacked by those who have significant things to hide, as those with clearer capacity to create also possess clearer capacity to perceive, to know –also visa versa.

How does that work? Memories are an example of applied creativity. Before one can perceive a memory clearly, he needs to create it for himself to perceive it clearly. They are -in fact- imaginations. That they have occurred in some past time, makes them no less imaginations, and that they are called imaginations makes them no less valid. Can you remember what you had for dinner yesterday? One could get a vague concept, another could remember exactly how that was in terms of appearance, taste, smell as well as many other things, it doesn’t matter. That remembrance is the imagining of some past time, done in present time.

One could also ‘lie about’ what he had for dinner yesterday to himself, and create to perceive something slightly or completely different.

Due to that fact, as well as due to the fact that one could also ‘lie about’ present time to himself and others, imagination has some bad significance attached to it. One could say ‘this is not real, it is imaginary’ and mean that. However, with no capacity to imagine at all, one would be a blank, thoughtless body in a state of coma.

Creativity, the capacity to imagine, never ceases to exist. It could be however made to get somewhat messed up, so that one cannot quite imagine what he intends to. A way to achieve that would be to imagine something over and over, so as to hinder the imagination of anything else.

If I had done something significantly mean to you, I might want to attack your capacity to imagine, so you wouldn’t remember and think about it in present time. And that could be done in numerous ways. One way could be to put you to imagine (think about) things of my choice so as to divert your attention away from what I had done. And that would usually imply thinking of very disturbing things, as those tend to become very ‘sticky’. Constant problem posing and solving can be very sticky. Negative emotions can be very sticky as well, and false positive emotions can be even worse. The rule is that the further something is from truth, the more complex and sticky it becomes in terms of thought.

This doesn’t mean that whomever does that to himself, and talks about problems all the time tries to do that to you as well, but it could be that has also been done onto him too. It tends to become sort of ‘contagious’ as that’s how it’s meant to be. Whether one attacks your creativity or not, can be understood by understanding his intention. Does he constantly try to destroy your free thinking and speech?

Another very mean way to inhibit one’s creativity would be to put him to imagine ‘blankness’ over and over. There can be vast difference between ‘blankness’ and ‘blankness’, between ‘nothing’ and ‘nothing’. Nothing is the lack of anything, and that also means free ‘room’ for anything to exist. That’s the exact opposite of ‘nothing’ wherein nothing could exist. That done thoroughly (it would take some effort) could lead one in a sort of a zombie-like state.

Creativity has been attacked by such means thoroughly in the most authoritarian regimes, who have also been the regimes who have had the most significant things to hide from their own people. An honest state, as well as any other honest groups or persons will not need to impose any particular thinking nor no-thinking upon others.

Imagination let completely free does not ‘lie about’ past or present events unknowingly. Of course, one could imagine anything he wanted, but then he would know he did so. One can naturally tell the difference between a memory and free imagination, as in the case of imagining to paint a painting that bears to resemblance to nothing anyone has ever painted before.

So, there is no excuse to put people to imagine lies, so they wont imagine lies. In fact, that ‘solution’ is the problem itself. It is such thought programming that creates what is called insanity. It isn’t thought programming that solves it.


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