Enforced enlightenment

I have done that, and I have also seen others doing to themselves as well.

It is an odd idea to force one -overtly or covertly- to be oneself. And it just isn’t going to work –ever.

The physical world is a world made of force. And identification with force, enforcement is a thing you try to get rid of. It cannot be done through more enforcement.

If you wish to help somebody or help yourself, you need to leave it up to your own determination, instead of setting up an exterior enforcement, demand so you’ll do it.

It is you who must do it, not have it be done to you.

To force oneself to not think, to sit still, to be ‘positive’ or what, is not spirituality. It could be psychiatry. Psychiatry through drugs, counseling or other methods I don’t want to refer to, has been forcing ‘positivity’, and I don’t find it positive at all.

Do it if want. Call me bad if you’ve been doing it. But I don’t agree with it. And I don’t agree to be forced to agree. In this case, I’m not the one who needs to be needed.

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