More neutrality

I was having a wonderful realization about neutrality and I decided to write about it.

Then I opened my browser and I was no longer that neutral. 🙂

It is alright, as I don’t expect to be completely neutral while I live. To have a purpose -such as to live- or many is not neutrality. But I have experienced it though –complete neutrality. When I’m thoroughly certain, when I clearly see that I don’t actually live (that body which is not me, does) I do experience it. And it is something I consider a desirable end in one’s spiritual journey –an end that could in no case be forced.

In any case, the realization was about disconnection –no communication.

Disconnection can be done by one as punishment, or threat of, in which case it would a rather hateful act. But that is not necessary.

Has it occurred to you to have a problem and after you had disconnected from it (not necessarily permanently) the problem was gone for both yourself and what you were having the problem with? Or has it occurred to you to isolate yourself (voluntarily) for a while and feel much better?

Neutrality can work miracles.

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