Free will and ‘reasons for’

This material universe operates based on interaction of ‘reasons for’. There must be a reason for something to occur. A rock hits another rock and so that other rock moves too, in accordance to the force, direction etc that it it got hit. An animal gets hungry and so it eats. And so then we have a logical sequence of operation of ‘all things’. And some scientists in turn attempt to backtrack all those logical sequences to understand life better. And so some have wondered, well since everything operates based on a previous ‘reason for’ can there be actual free will?

By following that line of thought, some scientists have also asserted that one’s present time behavior, thinking and so on is based solely on his past experiences. The ‘reason for’ one’s thinking and acting is in the past, they say.

However, no scientist (that I know) has until now figured out how it all began. One might say ‘it’s the big bang’, although I think lately some breakthroughs have occurred on that field. The creation of that supernova, even if it had started from a super-tiny particle couldn’t had occurred out of nothing, out of nowhere, as per science. However if you backtrack thoroughly all science, all logical thinking it is nothing, nowhere that you will find at the very beginning. Logic, if backtracked thoroughly, leads there. So, the basic ‘reason for’ or in other words the basic ’cause’ is nothing.

That which is not part of the material universe and it’s logical interactions doesn’t need any ‘reason for’ to do something; or in other words, it doesn’t need to be subjected to logic. It could however, consider itself part of the material universe and act as such. And to the degree that was done, it’s free will wouldn’t be that free.

Do you think, imagine, create based on past experiences, or based on what you observe in ‘the world around you’? Only you know that. I know for myself that I can do that. I also know that I don’t have to.

To some people’s protest, I could think of something for no reason, and I could put my body to do something for no reason. And I don’t find anything wrong with that. Most children do that all the time, until they are put into logical sequences by their elders. ‘Dress up because it’s cold’, ‘don’t be that loud because the neighbors are asleep’ and so on. You know how that goes.

Society is supposedly based on logical interactions….well unless it isn’t. It is a very dirty trick to invite one to be logical and fair so you can limit him, while you allow yourself to do the be free. I for one haven’t noticed any rich people working harder than myself, like I’ve been told. Nor could I logically figure out how to make a fortune with a salary barely enough for basic expenses. I’m not bashing at rich people and riches. I’m just saying it just isn’t like I’ve been told. And I don’t think anyone ought to justify his riches, unless he’s had them stolen. I really mean that. And by checking and treating all like potential thieves, only thieves win. “How did you afford to buy that car?” You see, you ought to be logical about it. There is no room for miracles. And there is no room for possibilities like ‘some nice guy just gave it to me, because he felt like it.” “You have to work and earn it” they say. So those who possess the most, hardly ever work at all.

Assuming it is clearly your will, assuming you’re not scared of the tax office as well as of others who might not want you to be rich (who aren’t necessarily poor people themselves), assuming you don’t follow a social line of fallacious thinking that is meant to keep fair players poor (like that the harder you work the more you’ll make), assuming you don’t expect by those who take from you to give you, you can make money freely. I personally don’t have much of an appetite for riches. I’m occupied with other things. But you could, why not. And you won’t have to be a tiny bit logical about it. One day you’re on the streets, the other day you’re in your mansion. That’s how illogical it could be. And in the same fashion one can have anything else happen as well, for he is not -as spirit- subjected to any universe, but rather the other way around.

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