The protest trap

One could think that I’ve been somewhat complaining at times, about politics and such.

Well, I don’t remember all instances I’ve written about politics and how I was feeling. But you need to understand something: What one thinks about, feels like and writes or talks about is one thing, while how one interprets what he reads, and feels about it can be a completely different thing. I for one know I haven’t meant anything remotely close to what some have thought.

And the same has occurred to me with books I have read that others have read too, and have given completely different interpretations to them than I have. Sometimes it is a matter of interpretation of language, while other times is what is experience-able by each person at a time.

Anyway, I never meant to put anyone to protest against any government nor anything else in their lives that they might deem negative. Protest is a kind of -what I’ve talked about before- ‘counter- creation’. It is resistance. And it is a sort of a minor fighting-against. It is something I don’t recommend; for I only address those who want actual solutions, not those who haven’t had enough fighting against problems so as to grow them in size.

If I refer to a lie in politics or elsewhere, I don’t mean to put anyone to complain about it. For that would give him an even harder time. And such hard time could be enough of a reason for me to go quiet and say nothing at all, if most are.

I’m not upset over anything I write. Another’s upset over it could upset me though.

And if I point at something ‘bad’ it is because I don’t want anyone to mess with it, not to fight it and get messed up by it.

Revolutions have only worked in bringing in power more authoritarian authorities than before. And I support none. We must be honest about things, though.

Yes, I think I ought to expose a lie and speak the truth. And I bear the responsibility to indeed (and not falsely) expose a lie and honestly speak the truth. But you know, when that occurs, and when the lie and the truth are grasped, protest doesn’t occur.

That is why I don’t dig the media either, nor those Rockefeller-funded movements –they don’t expose enough of a lie, nor do they refer to enough of a truth. The result is endless protest, complain, civil unrest, internal chaos, and more problems over previous ones. Chaos is caused by those who wish to impose their order over it –in other words suppression.

When somebody gives you a solution you ought to feel better about (if not immediately, then in due time) otherwise you either didn’t get it right, or his solution sucks and it was meant to suck in the first place.


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