Permanent ‘victim’

Aside from nothing, there is only one things I know; and that is if you get your head bashed in for good, you’re going to get it bashed in by such a ‘victim’.

By permanent ‘victim’ I don’t mean a guy who gets beaten. Nor do I mean somebody who truthfully reports something done to him and others. I mean a guy who permanently goes around telling others how bad others are to him and how bad they are in general (often all people), and how nice and kind and tolerant and generous he is, despite that. The difference lies in examining the truth of those reports. One who permanently, and in an exaggerating manner only reports what’s done to him and omits what he’s done to provoke it (assuming something has actually been done to him at all), is not one to feel sorry for. His attitude indicates much much less has been done to him than what he’s done himself. And in the case that the person(s) reported are in actuality very innocent, we have a huge problem (actually he has it). The guy has probably been systematically doing huge harm. And his complaining should be taken as confession, not accusation.

That guy is on a permanent war mode against all, though that is not at all obvious, and he appears to have strong, fanatic allies. He appears to be the most peaceful of all, and he is going for the kill. He will appeal to your sympathy but he will show none. He will point out everybody’s wrongs but if something is pointed about him, he will show no emotional reaction whatsoever, and maybe add ‘it’s no big deal, after all’. A thing which gives the impression he is always innocent. From his perspective everyone deserves the worst.

You are going to let him in your guarded house while he is dressed as a helpless soul and he is going to burn it down to the ground while you’re gone shopping. Then he is going to another’s house and tell them about what you’ve done to him.

How many guys who have done any harm introduce themselves as bad guys? That’s right. But in the case of a permanent victim things are pretty bad.

Just like fear and terror, the victim’s appearance can be a mind game aimed at total domination. But because it is a sneakier one, it is also less obvious and dangerous. One who is not allowed to express his hate and harm directly, can do so very indirectly. And one method is playing the victim, so he will make you feel guilt, shame, sympathy, so you will sit and let him kindly destroy you and all you hold dear, for your own good. In other words, betrayal.

His appeal to such strong, and often pounded upon, emotions can make him very effective at doing so, even if he is full of logical inconsistencies. He will make you his ‘ally’ and ‘friend’ -even without your initial consent- so you will fight his enemies. Until one day you tell him ‘no’ (if you ever make it that far); in which case you will become the enemy yourself.

All can appear nice as long as you agree. How one handles ‘no’, disagreement is a good indication how nice, kind, tolerant and generous he is.

I could give you some famous examples of such attitude, but I’m afraid some would jump up to the ceiling. As them ‘victims’ tend to make very fanatic allies. I’m going to let you figure them out, instead.


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