Unchallengeable right

Each one has the right to be unchalengeably right within and for himself. Groups have the right to be unchallengeably right over what they agree, with full awareness and consent what they agree over. That rules out trickery and enforcement.

Neither one nor many have the right to be right for another nor for others without their full awareness and consent.

Those who attempt that, lose their right over their own sovereignty. And it doesn’t even need to be taken away by another.

Those who attempt to take those person’s sovereignty away in turn, lose their own sovereignty too.

Fighting -whether it is obvious or not- is that process wherein one tries to take the other’s right away, while in actuality both give away their own, for doing so. Then they see the other as cause for having their right taken away, which in turn fuels them to perpetuate the process.

Agreements exist only for as long as participants knowingly agree. The only persistent agreements are those over lies and half-truths, for then -since no true agreement doesn’t actually exists- participants are not aware of their inherent freedom to agree or not.


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