Shifting the blame

Misdeeds done by oneself -that is to say when somebody fails to be good to oneself or others- can have some major subsequent consequences, the size of which is proportional to the size of the misdeeds done, as well as the size of blame received and how one handles that.

It isn’t that he is going to be well until one days he will die, in which case he will be punished forever and ever. All the punishment and rewards you’ll ever going to get are in the now.

Misdeeds done equal to humiliation in this life, when those misdeeds are committed in present time, or when in present time past misdeeds get ‘scratched’ -as if they were wounds- by receiving blame.

In other words, to feel guilty or ashamed of something is very low –both for the accuser as well as for the accused. And one could try to avoid it at almost any cost.

I’m not analyzing now misdeeds and what should or not happen to one who commits one, but what the average person would think after having committed one.

If I -for example- stole something from you, I would want that hidden from you, so I wouldn’t get punished by you. But I would also want that hidden from my thinking as well, so as to get rid of the fear of being punished, the guilt, shame and so on.

If I failed to have that thoroughly hidden, or ‘let go’ (no longer think about it), if I suspected one could be slightly aware what I had done, that would make me react badly.

When that occurs, one tries to get guilt off him, unless he is brave enough to admit to himself as well as others the deed done, without reducing it in size or otherwise changing or hiding it, in which case that deed wont have any impact on him, either. But how would one get guilt off him? He’d shift the blame. “It isn’t that I stole something from you that matters, it is that you are an idiot, and two years ago you had that done to me, and people think you’re mean…’ and so on.

When somebody engages into fault-finding, trying to sort of reduce the other, prosecute him, he’s had shit done himself.

One could acknowledge that another or others have done some bad things,  and still not make them feel guilty, and still love them as much as before. One could say ‘don’t eat at that restaurant, I saw roaches in’. And the restaurant would either have to deal with the roaches, or shut down, and no problem. But why would one go berserk over it? Why would one talk about it for the decades to come, even after the restaurant had shut down, and generalize that restaurants are bad, or that whole restaurant chain is bad, or that area is bad, or join the Coalition Against Evil Restaurants? Why would one be eager to stick his nose in other’s business to find or fabricate something to prosecute, mock, humiliate, gossip, or otherwise reduce them for? He does what he thinks would be done to him. Such a guy who’d push it that far, could had been a restaurant owner himself (and a really bad one).

If you want that done to you, imply that you might know something bad the other has done, and see how nutty he will become. You will be scratching some misdeed(s) of him, and that will make him react as mentioned above. And you won’t even need to try hard to achieve it. All you have to do is to not be super-nice with some people, not always say ‘yes’, and that’s what will occur. If you take it as far as to look grumpy or displeased, God help you.

Those who have done the worst and actually keep doing so, become professionals at finding fault and guilt in others.

And when you see two countries fighting, it’s because the worst (those who systematically commit most misdeeds) of country A scratch the misdeeds of those in country B. And the worst of country B do the same for country A, back again. That doesn’t mean that accusations must be true, by the way. To scratch a misdeed means to imply, even slightly, you might be aware of it, even very partially. That alone that cause huge trouble.

And those who haven’t had any significant misdeeds done to be scratched, will simply not be affected by that. They will not be prone to engage to accusations and prosecutions and they will not get their own butts kicked in turn, either. They will not be eager to read what the latest newspaper gossip about that other country is, so as to have something to accuse them for. They will not need to be passively defending themselves by accusing the other –a thing which will be bad for newspaper sales, in turn.

You’ve read by me that some few attempt to manipulate the rest. Well, that isn’t entirely true –just not entirely. For those rest offer themselves for manipulation, by being eager to engage into such games of shifting the blame, which is the only way propaganda could work. Eventually, sooner or later, they all fall on their faces. They are absolutely free to do so, and well done. And those who don’t wish to follow, should be absolutely free to not follow, as well.

I don’t believe in victims, nor in perpetrators. I believe in cause and effect. I wouldn’t get outraged at anybody’s misdeeds. I wouldn’t care to blame anybody, nor would exterior blame affect me. I wouldn’t care to receive credit nor punishment, for I’m aware that could only start from myself. And thus I am free.


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