Spiritual paths

One might have wondered how come I talk about but I don’t identify as any <spiritual path name>. It is for the same reason why I don’t like to identify as my country’s nor as any other country’s name. I’m not willing to lie about saying that something is generally good, while I think otherwise. Nor am I willing to sit and analyze for hours each time what I agree over with my country and what not, so another wont grossly misunderstand me thinking that I have any similar perspective with other guys.

I want to be known for what I am, not for what millions of people are. And I don’t mean to get liked nor agreed with by everybody, but just by like-minded people, who wont get to know me, unless they actually get to know me for what I am.

If like-minded people were part of some group, I would be addressed to them. But it isn’t like that from my perspective. I do have likes and dislike in groups, but not absolutely, because not all people are the same.

I consider ‘my group’ those who are heading where I’m heading too, but that is no particular group to be labelled. My perspective is explained in my articles. And some would agree more and others less. And that’s what matters.

In the final analysis, once the desired destination is reached, and one understands it, he can then create an infinity of paths to the same destination. And don’t think that this hasn’t occurred before. It’s just that not all could be grasped by the majority of people.

Perhaps in the future that could change, and I could be part of some group. For the moment, it’s for the best that I don’t, without implying anything wrong about any group and groups in general. This is more a matter of intuition and less of analysis. But if I am to be analytical, doing it solo has been great for me. I’ve made the best progress ever, although it’s been with the occasional help of a friend who has been able to see clearer when I’ve been more ‘cloudy’.


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