about being a good person

I remember as a kid whenever I did what my elders wanted I was being called a ‘good kid’, and whenever I didn’t… you understand.

And as I was going older that wasn’t really changing. In fact it was becoming more intense, as I was supposed to spend hours in school wherein I was being labelled good or bad depending on what each teacher wanted me to be like. And later on that I started to work, that didn’t change either.

Moreover, what one person wanted me to be like, wasn’t necessarily what another wanted me to be like, and let’s not forget that some just don’t express any clear like/dislike, which could put one (and did put me) into a state of not knowing how to be like.

And I used to be that kind of person who wanted to please others, which I often found quite impossible. In fact, as time passed I figured the only way I could be good and right for all would be to disappear completely.

Well, I didn’t disappear completely after all. But I started to reverse that procedure of losing myself to what others wanted me to be like, and I did become much pickier who I befriended, for that reason. And I’d say that was something to celebrate.

It really makes me feel bad to imagine how I would be like if I tried to be liked by everyone or maybe most so as to please them, like I used to. Or maybe to be liked by somebody who knew better than myself how I should be like –like some counselor or parents. And specially when some of those person weren’t even sure what they wanted.

My parents have been thoroughly displeased at me, for after some age I did go crazy, and followed my own dreams. I started to hold on onto my own perspective how things were like, and I started to apply my own will onto the universe, onto my life. And it seems to me, that a person who would disregard other’s approval, and act completely independent, would appear very wrong and very crazy to them.

Well, it is like that…and also it isn’t. There can be a level above that. And that level is called being cause –not as a human person, but as spirit.

I have found there can be significant difference between communication and communication.

If somebody called me at work and I went like “Goodmorning sir, how may I help you?” while I was thinking “I don’t want to talk” I’d be putting my body to communicate something that you wouldn’t want to. The communication wouldn’t come from the spirit and it probably wouldn’t be addressed to any spirit either.

But I have found when I do communicate as a spirit, magic happens. That way I can still be myself and still not be at odds with others. I connect very very differently than I do through this body. It’s like nothing I had ever encountered before –probably ever since I was born. So, I don’t know if I can relay the experience through humans words with enough precision. It works great, and it is so simple. Perhaps you could try it too.

It could seem that to disagree would bring about adverse reactions, as in the case of “I don’t want to talk”. Perhaps that’s what I (or we) have been told and threatened a few billions of times within a lifetime for ‘good reaons’. But it’s the opposite than the truth. I couldn’t go about agreeing with a lie, and feel good. Actually, lies make me feel like sick. And how I feel is not at all irrelevant to what the others feel –other spirits, that is.

In the material universe, opposites attract each other. But that’s not how it works with spirits. Spirits disagree with lies. And if the body lies, the spirit disagrees with the body too, and then you lose…the spirit…the body…it depends where you’re looking from.

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