Thorough submission

Complete surrender to something means to identify with it.

To identify means to consider oneself one with, or the same with or similar to something else.

From a very very high perspective of being oneself, one can indeed realize his being what he perceives.

However there is vast difference between knowing oneself and being what one perceives, and thinking his basic being, source is what he perceives.

Submission follows fighting, resistance eventually.

It is not rare to see one fighting against something and then supporting it after a shorter or longer while. It is more obvious to people who are prone to unreasonable fighting.

As a spiritual being resists the physical universe, it tends to consider oneself more and more one with it. Ideas like that one is a body, or a product of the physical universe are identification.

But let’s give a more human example: Suppression. Suppression is no better than fighting. It is a step below fighting. It is a phase where one thinks he is no longer able, and/or is no longer willing to fight, however is engaged into a fight. If you have somebody abuse you in one way or another, and not react, that is suppression. Resistance exists within you, but not against the offender. That’s what suppression is.

People that tend to get suppressed by one or few, tend to suppress each other afterwards, as they identify with what they submit to.

A group with suppressive leaders will tend have members that attempt to suppress each other. They will know they ought to be supportive to each other (that’s what group members supposedly do) but their witnessing of suppression of their friends, without their helping them out, will lead to internal resistance (disagreement with themselves) and they will become what they resist (suppression). So, the weakest ones (who have submitted to their own resisting it) will start suppressing the rest, in turn.

That’s an example how stupid things can become contagious, popular and ‘normal’. Suppression is inherent to ‘normality’. If you react against suppression, you have a (mental) ‘problem’, although nobody assigns any such problems to any suppressive person. And just like some long ago, you were liable to get reported and even prosecuted for mentioning anything that was not lovingly supportive of Jesus (the same that happens today with Allah and Kim Jong-un in other countries than my own), so today the same can happen with speaking against such self-righteous ‘normalities’.

What stinks more than poo? That which you are not allowed to speak the truth you know about, either by one, by few or by the rule of the people’s people of the one or of the few. You’re going to get accused back of ‘betrayal’, ‘bigotry’ and other things, to get your mouth shut. It isn’t that betrayal and bigotry couldn’t exist. It is that those accusations will be false, if it’s truth you’re after.

If I ‘speak my mind’, I do it in my space, and nobody has to believe a word I say. I take good care to speak the truth, to not prosecute, to not create conflict. I don’t annoyingly knock on anybody’s door, I don’t spy, nor do I force any defenseless children so as to indoctrinate them into my ideas, as I have no business I profit from that I need to defend by attacking nor by suppressing.

Of course all the above are potential. They are just observed tendencies, and don’t need to occur as one recognizes them for what they are instead of what they repetitively say that they are, and handles them appropriately. Like I mention all the time, on top on the pyramid of handlings I put to merely be yourself and to perceive as such, without resisting, suppressing nor anything else. In truth, a spirit cannot be suppressed, nor be fought against. It is what happens to the body the spirit identifies with that creates the problem.

Other handling can exist as well –in fact, nearly an infinity of. But they certainly shouldn’t be to suppress one’s disagreement through drugs nor other conditioning, as that will lead to more thorough submission and identification.

Most importantly, one might recognize a greater truth than what is initially observed: that it all starts from one’s basic self. And that includes the fighting and the suppression that one observes, exhibits and receives too.


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