The thin, fragile veil that is called ‘negativity’ by some, is one that can easily be transcended, circumvented as long as one doesn’t believe it.

It has no power in horizons that are not limited, for it is limitation itself. And unlike the previous example with the wifi signal, one’s unlimited potential doesn’t need to hinder another’s.

We can play the game of assigning fault onto another almost forever, until doom. Which would be a rather painful process, as it would be leading to doom. It is easy to tell which way leads close to a sad end and which way leads elsewhere. How does it feel like?

There doesn’t need to be any doom. I have been supportive of the best method I’m aware of to have all that go away for oneself. And I have also been saying there could be an infinity of methods. And now I’d like to write about something else, that is not mystical at all, not spiritual at all. But it could be of tremendous importance for the human race –help.

A group, a society is based upon supporting one-another. It is not based upon antagonizing one-another. We are not the blood thirsty animals we have been told we are. And the reason why we are together is not to grow in power so as to conquer another animal herd.

I don’t care about that division between creationism and evolution. And I don’t want to be analyzing the trap of dual thinking again. But I could quickly mention this instead: That duopoly would be no better than monopoly.

We need to be able to offer and recognize help, support when it is honestly offered. Those who preach the ‘evil man’ dogma have been -overtly or covertly- trying to either destroy help, or infuse it with harm, or invent things that pretend to help, but actually harm –much like some do with food. And we need to recognize those when they occur, and to actually support each other.

Like I wrote before in ‘work’, one naturally wants to offer. And when he/she is not allowed to or is forced to, or fails to, he becomes miserable in turn. And if one actually engages into that instead of trying to figure it out, he shines again. It is very easy, direct and simple.

It is not necessary to convince those who stubbornly insist on fighting, suppressing to help nor to get helped. It is wanted for those who wish to help, to do so. It is them who have been making, are making and making difference for all the rest. Earth is alive because of those who go that way, not because of those who identify with the worst, so as to wish for or actively push the planet to doom. And some or few can make much difference –it doesn’t matter. Being sovereign themselves, if the don’t will it for themselves, the world does not wither.

I couldn’t count the possible ways one could support each other. But you could see it in yourself that when you do it, you immediately feel better, for that is what you’re supposed to be doing here. And that occurs to me as well, of course.

Expect no acknowledgement nor support given back, and only give to and receive from those who actually offer it, not pretend to. Let them think you’re ‘dangerous’, when you speak of help and act like you speak of war. For some, from their perspective, you might be. Don’t try to convince anybody about a single thing, for conviction is what you want dissolved. Let other reactions come and go, if they do. If you don’t get entangled in them, they will go. The judge whether it is right or wrong is inside you –it is you.

Truth be told, in the end it will all be alright for all. And that is no faint hope.


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