About suffering

– Are you cruel?
– No!
– Do you like to see me suffer?
– Of course not.
– Do you appreciate all I have done for you?
– (sob) Of course I do!
– Then go mop the floor.

I am not guilty, and for me you aren’t either. If you did something to me yesterday, it wouldn’t exist for me today, unless you yourself held in suspension, in which case I would have a problem through you. And I in turn don’t take blame either. If somebody is in pain I might want to help. If he is in pain and wants to, I will probably not want to help.

Why would the second the occur? Well, a reason could be that dialogue I wrote above “look how much I suffer because of you. Now, do what I want.” In that case I might as well want to say “please, go suffer a bit over there.” Help could be nothing but voluntary, and so could any other offering. The rest


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