About the freedom of speech to make another shut up

One would do another -and above all to himself- a great favor if he -instead of sneakily spying on and misinterpreting what he saw to others, as well as eagerly looking for things to accuse him for- actually discussed his disagreement(s) with the other (assuming he was open to discuss) or to thoroughly quit knowing him or to let him be, instead of forever fluctuating somewhere in-between.

Alas, one could also ‘enjoy’ the suffering of holding on to and multiplying his misunderstandings, so he can be excused for his attitude.

I don’t think it’s the misunderstood guy’s fair share of responsibility to resolve other’s misunderstandings -if and as long as they stubbornly chose to hold on to them and be hostile- as if he was guilty of something. Nor should he cease to exist nor to remain quiet, so that others wont -overtly or covertly- attack whenever he talks, media and the rest.

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