Private space

I can’t quite tell how private and how shared the planet is and should be. It seems a bit perplexing to me.

I do want to have some private space on it, wherein I can be by myself or with whomever I want to be, when I want to.

But other than the planet’s room, space there can be other spaces too, on a spiritual level –my or your or another’s distinct personal spaces, or worlds.

Being A can think separately, without being B becoming aware nor tampering with being A’s thinking. (unless being A’ communicates it’s thinking, in which case being B’ would become aware of it) And that is our private room as spiritual beings –our world.

What could be included in that room? That is entirely up to you!

One can imagine, create anything that it could perceive in the material universe, plus even more as there are no limits that I know. And of course I’m not going to tell you what to put inside your room, either.

And if and whether the material world exists, well that doesn’t mean our own distinct worlds cannot exist. Just to give you an example, I could easily imagine any sort of nature, knowingly, willingly, and in detail. And I could also imagine perceiving it with human-like perceptions –see it, hear it, feel (tactile)it and so on. And I could do that for as long as I did that, and if I quit doing that then there wouldn’t be any. It would be entirely up to me.

I just wanted to clarify that, as I had some realization about private space myself. 😛


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