More revision

I have been trying to point out some points of balance between the objective and the subject. Or let me put that in English: I have been a supporter of each one of us ‘having’ his/her own individual perspective as well as -on the same time- agreeing over some things that we have in common. However, I no longer believe in the common stuff.

I could say ‘hey don’t kill horses because it’s not nice’ and another could say ‘bs I like to kill horses’. Well, I no longer want to have a say in that, at least not from any standpoint of any objective right/wrong. And I don’t even want to have a say in objective right/wrongs in general. I want each one to be completely free from me, as well as to do as he wants, or even what he doesn’t want with himself and others, to be completely free, unfree, or whatever he/she wants to. That which is their perception and will for themselves, is mine too for them. It isn’t my business to tell them what that should be. And nothing is wrong for me anymore. I could read an article and say ‘well, that’s what the guy wrote.’ And then see somebody shoot heroin on the street and say ‘well, he is shooting heroin’. And that’s it. No further comments. And I could be glad for them too. It’s not related to not caring. It is related to me not believing in objectivity.

Two could agree that something is so, and so it would be for them. And three others cold agree over something else. That’s all I know about agreements and objectivity.

So, I need to drastically revise my blog again……… and those who’ve read from me before know that’s how I go about it, every once in while. And yeah, I guess that’s part of my journey as a being that occasionally pretends to be a semi-unknowing human to itself and others. Well, as I lean more on the being side, my perspective changes as well. And things that I used to consider true and real and right and wrong, I no longer do so. So, excuse me for that. But that’s what I wanted, anyway.

Have fun!


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