Myth busted: Rules of the game

From now on, you can be taking anything I say as my personal diary. Like I previously wrote, I no longer believe in objectivity, including objective rights and wrongs. And since that is true for me, I also believe those things can also exist, although I don’t choose so for myself. Since there are no rules, rules can come to exist.

Karma? Yes, I have observed cases where karma was exhibited. I have also observed cases where it wasn’t. And somebody else might as well experience something else. Maybe he could observe that it was always occurring, or had never occurred. Is there a rule we should experience the same? Where is it?

No really, show me some rules, because I don’t see any. I keep hearing, reading about them. I’ve spoken of some as well. I don’t see them anywhere. Are they hidden? Then how am I supposed to know them? How can I be subjected to, be made aware of something I cannot be aware of?

You are free to make rules for yourself too –say that you will meditate for 300 hours and something will be happening to you, or that maybe something will. You could also say that it would happen in 15 hours.

So I only busted my own myth and not yours. Your rules can exist, for as long as you put them there.

And some really do want them there. And some could really get pissed at me saying they don’t have to put them there, as they would feel their thoughts violated by my saying otherwise, and try to violate my thoughts in turn –if we agreed upon such rules. They could think I’m some brainwasher forcefully pounding the same lies over and over, then forcing them to pound them back themselves, not allowing them to disagree, so as to make them remain part of my cult, under my control, under my spell.

And if they thought so, by merely hearing some guy talk, I’d assume too in turn  that sort of pounding wouldn’t be anything new, unknown to them. It is a great misconception that brainwashing is what gets taught. Brainwashing is a way something gets taught –one that does not allow one to disagree, nor to examine what gets taught by and for himself, but to be made to believe somebody else, instead. In other words, since perception is not allowed, nothing gets taught. “This is the objective truth, reality. Why do you say otherwise? You’re going to get punished. I’m going to threaten you, lie about you, ridicule you…”. And that bounces back and forth when groups like men’s and women’s rights fight each other. Apparently, those rights don’t include allowing each other to disagree, to have it their own way, to live the life they themselves choose to, with whomever the hell they want to. Yes, I know some genuinely seek their liberties through such groups. I also know some use their own liberties to take away other’s. What’s the problem if somebody wants to look sexy or not, mate with women of men of old or new values, have kids or not, and generally do whatever the hell they want? What’s the problem if somebody wants to wear funny hats? Whatever that is, it is nor theirs. And it could only falsely be assigned to them.

Do you disagree with somebody? You don’t have to agree (unless you say otherwise). And each one expresses his own viewpoint (unless he doesn’t).

Some could say ‘But look the apple is falling. There is gravity.’ See, and that should automatically mean to me I ought to agree with that all apples fall, under any and all circumstances, and will forever do so, or that all physical laws must exist, or that all other laws and rules must consequently exist, just because I can’t explain it and break it down for them, how come that apple fell down. They’d probably make it fall down themselves. Why should I explain it to them? And if billions of others have apples fall down before them, it doesn’t mean somebody couldn’t say otherwise for himself. But those other billions would then feel their reality violated, broken. And you don’t want to hurt people like that. What if somebody accidentally had some giant celestial body no longer be subjected to gravity, and the rest agreed with him? So you agree to agree too. And so rules become real, to the degree that you agree. Haven’t you heard before that witchcraft only affects those who believe in it?


4 thoughts on “Myth busted: Rules of the game

  1. Ah, finally! I get to read your blog again?!

    At first I was denied entry because your blog had been “privatized,” so all I was entitled to read was short teasers in my email…

    Then it evolved to let me click on the “read more” link, but when here, at WordPress, I could only see certain lines, and they weren’t even connected pieces… lol!

    So I’m loving this one because whoever has been setting the rules for your blog finally let me read a complete post! Yay! 😉

    1. lol . Welcome back. Yes, sometimes I do make it private, and it might happen again. It doesn’t depend on me alone. It is hard to explain. But sometimes I feel what I write cannot be tolerated by most others, as they don’t understand it. And I choose to withdraw temporarily or… it’s no good to write if I have negative impact.

        1. I’m so glad you like to read from me. It is mutual. I just try to keep some balance. I don’t like to upset people. Some do get upset from time to time. 🙂

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