Well being

A guy sees you looking really bad. He says he’s sorry, pats you on the back, says you should change. He doesn’t wonder what you were digging for, and what you might have found.

I like to take care of my body. However, some things can be more important. If I lived on the 5th floor, and there was no elevator or it wasn’t working, and I didn’t climb the stairs so I wouldn’t get tired, I’d never reach the 5th floor.

I neither consider it too much taking care of one’s body if a woman spends 2 hours in beautification per day -like I’ve heard some guys joking about- nor too little if somebody puts the taking care aside, for something he thinks is more important.

What if that apartment was on fire, and you needed to save somebody, or what if you were the one to be saved? Somebody would need to risk. And that’s the somebody I’d like to have as a friend, girlfriends, as well as to be that somebody myself. Of course, that cannot be demanded. It’s just what I want.

If somebody’s sole purpose was to take care of one’s health, good looks, emotional state, status or some other thing, you couldn’t do otherwise but follow him if you allied yourself with him. You’d need to be giving him validation all the time how nice he looks, always be nice to him so he wouldn’t feel bad no matter how you felt, always be obedient if he wanted status, and so on.

I keep hearing about ego this and arrogance that and how big an idea one can have of oneself. What could those things be but humble servitude to one’s body?

I am not my body. And I’d consider it more important to be loyal to my girlfriend -if we had agreed to be loyal to each other like that- than to go with another on some Friday night, just because of some mutual sexual appetite of the moment. And others agree to have other, freer relationships, and that’s fine. But what if they’ve agreed otherwise?

Unreasonable moral values get imposed as the voluntary ones become violated. It is a reaction, and reactions could be unreasonable. If people killed each other all the time, you’d have a stricter third party (like police) to stop them from doing so. And because some didn’t respect each other’s properties, they didn’t let each other have -like in the case of war- we have central governments controlling properties, protecting them from internal as well as external invaders. So you see suppression is basically a byproduct of not being true to oneself, to one’s free will. Because things like honesty, are one’s free will when he deals with others. And although I cannot speak on behalf of all, I can see it in myself as well as in others, how they react if they’re not honest. It isn’t true that the bad things that happen to us, are just because some other guy out there is bad. One would need to somehow open the door to that guy, to have harm done to him. One would need to say ‘I’m mean to all, and that’s not nice, and I can’t stop and I need to be stopped from doing so somehow’. Prior to enforcement, that’s about how ethics works, because we are not our bodies. And it’s much better to do what you really want, than to have that imposed on you by some third in a forced manner.

Morals aside, it is also my pleasure to be surrounded by people I actually get along with, and not pretend to do so in order to make money, or otherwise serve my body. Sure enough, it is also my pleasure to buy stuff for my body. But I want those things to be balanced. How free would I feel if I was forced to do things I didn’t want to just for some reward like money? I personally wouldn’t. And why would I care to no invade another’s property, or private thought space if that other and his rights over what’s his own, was not part of me as well?

Initially, there is no conflict between ethics and free will. You build a sand castle and you want to take care of it, so you put a rule unto yourself to not step on it. If you fail to do that, then you might as well decided to keep greater distance from it. And if you put others to make you do that, then it would appear it’s not your free will, and to then protest against it would make you feel even worse. The way out of suppression or anything else, is what caused it in the first place. Take care of the castle you want to take care of. And if your neighbor wants to take care of his, better let him do it too.

I try to not act on a basis of ‘I’m forced to do it, thus I’ll pretend to do so’ and thus my will is more intact. I don’t expect from a whip to tell me to do something, and thus I’m freer in life. I am good at my job, on my own determination, thus nobody checks on me. If I hated it, I couldn’t be good and still be honest. And my well being is the well being of all. That ‘greatest good’ is my own greatest good. And of course, we’d need to define what ‘good’ meant before we said such things, but that is another subject. Good is not objective, unless two or more agree to be good over something objective for them (like a society, a relationship, a planet…). That’s why sometimes I have a hard time keeping up with that’s good for each one individually. And I cannot write and please everybody and not upset some others on the same time, who most often don’t quit get what I’m trying to say, or think I try to offend them and their groups. And I would let others be free for the same reason, and let them have their own perspective for the same reason. And if they’d like to go to war, I’d let them free to do what they wanted. However, I wouldn’t want to incite a war myself, nor to let them destroy the planet, for others who want to inhabit it, live here as well. And it’s not happening, no matter the threats written and heard of.


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