Chilling out

To chill out, to relax and to be cool doesn’t mean your capacity to be otherwise is null. Don’t think that those people that used to meditate all their lives were unable to beat somebody. No, they just didn’t have to.

That chilled out attitude most people had was trouble to those who wished to control them. A wannabe ruler of the world would scream his lungs out at others telling them how it was of crucial importance to mobilize for war, because enemies…blah blah blah and we are the great ones blah blah and the rest would look at him like ‘what’s wrong with that guy, is he alright?’. It took a lot of effort to get people into a mental state to go to war. That’s what they had provocations for. That’s why they used to hurt their own people and blame it on the neighbor. An it wasn’t governments that did that, by the way. It was those who wanted to cease power.

Most people just didn’t care to fight. They cared about eating, drinking, having a chat and laugh with friends, sex… you know the usual human stuff. And they didn’t even need to try to chill out. However, some others wanted to play other games, and they wanted to convince the rest to join them in doing so. So, they invented ways to do so. They started to upset them. They made them feel uneasy, insecure, anxious, depressed, angry. They wanted to use such emotions to control them. And not only did they try to control those emotions, they also tried to control their chilling out.

Very vaguely, there can be two types of chilling out –one that comes naturally and one that is forced. Take as example somebody who is chilled out, then becomes angry somehow, then gets beaten and then he is ‘chilled out’ as he cannot do otherwise. You can say the latter is suppression and it comes after being overwhelmed. And that is the reason why to chill out has gotten a bad name.

And the same applies to thinking as well. They say a blank mind is a stupid one. Well, if you cannot think anything but blankness, as in the case of an incapacitated person, then you cannot. But natural blankness doesn’t mean your capacity to think is null. On the contrary, it can mean you have lots of ‘free room’ to think in, if you so want to.

You see I’m interested into spiritual stuff. But that doesn’t mean I condemn thoughts in general, nor human fun, at all. I don’t have any problem to sit and be lazy all day long. I can enjoy it. An I don’t have a problem to work very hard for something I want to, either. And above all, I’m not at all positive. I like metal music and some other ‘dark’ things. And as I like them, they’re positive for me, though another could freak out at them.

If you just sat and perceived like I had been writing about, you would chill out –but the natural chill out. As you would see the reasons why you couldn’t chill out, and you would probably see that somebody would be uncomfortable at your chilling out, and would want you to be otherwise. On the same time you would also get your strength back. You wouldn’t go weak due to chilling. That could happen to you if you got drunk instead. But that’s not what I do.

Enjoy your chilling


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