Fragile love

Does love hurt? Should we not be ‘vulnerable’ to it? Should we be separate from each other and from our own love so as not to feel pain?

Nobody is ever brokenhearted, hurt because of his unconditional love. Only lies and conditions could do that.

Is love weakness? Is it not mutual? Should it be otherwise? There you have them –a bunch of lies and conditions.

Don’t confuse sexual impulse with love, although love can exist in that too.

Love in the present, for that’s what exists. And never ever try to figure it out nor to reduce it in validity and strength.

And please don’t tell me I ought to agree with you because you suffer for me, because you wish to take care of me, because you have good intentions, for that makes love very conditional. With love we can easily agree.

Don’t try to get it. Give it and you have it; or more correctly, love it and you are it.


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