Freedom and the common

“Excess of liberty, whether it lies in state or individuals, seems only to pass into excess of slavery.”

– Plato

No, but when it comes to common things, if one’s uncertain what the rules are he might then put himself in a position to have others arbitrarily tell him. He wont be very happy nor in control of himself with the contradictory rules put by each one, each time.

Each one is free for himself, an that freedom is unlimited. The end. It is neither depended upon me nor upon any other to say otherwise. Does anybody want his totalitarian empire, and to have virgins sacrificed to the Gods and other things? I have zero problems with that. The only problem would be if he demanded that I should follow, for I might want other things instead.

And that’s how poor Socrates fell on his face too. He said some things trying to help others. However, not all wanted that help, and actually felt their own rights to whatever they believed in and whatever they were doing violated. It appears that what is help for one, is not necessarily help for another too.

I used to have intentions for all to get helped too. But I now find it a bit disrespectful. When another feels his rights violated, it doesn’t matter what your intentions are. Even if he agreed to be a total victim of another, I ought to let him do it.

On the same time however, if Plato and others hadn’t written what they did, I -as well as others who would be interested to- couldn’t had found them. So those who might be looking for something ought to be allowed to find it, as well. I know I used to be one of them myself.

I wont be going around to any political, religious, philosophical nor other groups telling them what’s right or wrong, for that reason. But I do reserve my right to talk about whatever the hell I want with those who volunteer to talk an listen. Maybe if Socrates had focused more on enhancing what he wanted, instead of attacking Athenian authority and religion, he would had made it alive. And myself and others who might want to, could had more things to read by him. Alas, it seems he got a bit arrogant making other arrogant guys wrong.

So, since nobody ever taught me what the rules of this game are, I’ve been trying to figure them out myself, and it’s been quite a challenge. I have figured out this much until now: Don’t tell others what to do. Don’t tell others what the truth is. Don’t violate what they hold as truth/what they agree with others over. How to do that and still communicate outside a group of mutual agreements? That’s another story I haven’t figured out yet. To be honest, I am in doubt whether I should bother with that, at all, or not.


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