Just a misunderstanding

-You said this an you did that and thus I know think you are like this and like that. And thus I now…

-Aside from the fact you probably didn’t get what I said and what I did, how do you know I am now like that now, since you prefer to judge instead of perceiving, or to look a little bit and judge more?

Such cycles can go on forever, in luck of adequate understanding and truth.

You see a guy stuck with something like that, and how could he be if he didn’t twist the truth to himself to some extent or another?

I don’t question whether there was someone who intentionally wanted to cheat or otherwise hurt you –it could be like that or not. But I do question what were you doing there, in the first place? Why you and not another? An could you have had it occur otherwise yourself? Above all, why would you blame me, another or everybody else for it now? That’s not going to solve it.

As long as you seek to learn, there is something to be learnt because you say so. And that wont be learnt by repeating the same lie(s) to oneself and reacting in the same ways over and over. Instead one will be more and more magnetized to re-experience it so as to solve it, this time. And one can do that or not, of course. It is potential. But that is how the mind works. And that is how karma works as well –they are potential. Understand some past incident thoroughly, and you wont need to be bringing it up over and over. Or maybe understand there is no incident than what you bring up yourself to understand.

If it doesn’t resolve, let go or perceive clearer, for there is something you don’t know, or think you do, while you don’t. There is some untruth in your thinking. And if you were to let go of all your remembering and calculating, what would you see? Where is the past to learn from, if you don’t bring it here and now yourself?

Even if I wanted to punch you yesterday, how do you know I’d still want it today? And if you held on to your past reasons to punch me, why shouldn’t I? Well, so I wouldn’t boil in my own juice, for that’s all I’d do.

That’s why I don’t like to keep track of things that happen to me as well as of things I do, an I proffer to delete my past posts as well –I learn. And if you read what I had written a year ago, wouldn’t necessarily know what I might be thinking now. I try to perceive and communicate anew each time.


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