-So, what if I called you a %#$%, don’t I have the right to talk?
-Only you know what your rights are. I also give myself the right to be what I want. And what I am is not what you said, anyway.

Make a list of so called objectively right, correct things to be, do, have that you have heard of. They’re only ‘objective’ for the speaker.

Aside from the usual formerly ‘objectively right’ things of old -some of which use to be imposed by fire and sword- you could find various such thing today as well. And you might often find the exact opposite of what once use to be called ‘right’ being called that today, with the same authority.

Some speak of them because they have heard of them. Others invent them for other reasons.

Some pull a trick onto themselves, that they later on pull on others. They take what they basically are, and they mock it. They make a poor copy of it, that is much worse that what they actually are. And from that point on they do it to others as well. Some will make something much much worse than what you are, say, have… they will pretend to reflect it back at you so you will see your mistake, but they wont. They will only make you feel lesser of yourself, and to gradually slow you down or even stop you. This can be done in a variety of ways. Aside from blatant accusations, sly mocking can also occur.

Somebody sees a beautiful woman and he says ‘whore’. Another says ‘who does she think she is?’. And another calls her ‘objectified’. Another seeks to get laid with her just so he’ll gossip about it with his friends and humiliate her. Another seeks to scare her on the street so she’ll be afraid to be beautiful. Another seeks to prove he is a man…Do you think such people are attracted to (like) women? What would they do if they hated them? Sex (like money and other things) for some is an achievement to show, not anything they themselves want. It just happens those are the most obvious, noisy guys.

None of them is up to just accepting what she is making herself be. All of them twist it to appear as something worse, and she might as well get that idea too. She is just a beautiful woman…and not even objectively so (she is for those who attack her though) She’s not even a snob, nor does she put herself above others. What’s wrong with being beautiful, what’s wrong with having any breast size or anything else? Who said men like this and that anyway? Nobody’s ever asked me. Who is ‘men’, Cosmopolitan? And who taught those men who have no opinion of their own what to like on other hand? Probably people like the ones I mentioned above. I’m not trying to defend women in general, by the way. I don’t think they’re any better nor worse than men. What am I, sexist?

Regardless, should she not be allowed to be beautiful, because the rest have freedom of speech? And the ultimate question is are those who call her that able to be that? Well they basically are, but they don’t allow themselves to be. They don’t give themselves the right to. Even somebody who might feel beautiful too might get antagonistic towards another if she doubts herself. 

Emotional stability? What’s wrong with being up to entertain various emotions, if you so want? What’s wrong with feeling sad at the loss of a friend, anger when your child is being threatened by a stranger, or exhilaration over whatever you like? Why must all feel and think like they’d tell the news on tv? Are those who condemn emotions up to employing such emotions? Are the condemners of imagination able to have any? How about making art? Is negativity wrong? If one could thoroughly tolerate it, how could it be wrong for him? How about working hard or being lazy, laughing at stupid jokes? And the list goes on. They, we are as able to tolerate it, as they are able to do, be, have it. And you can mark that, so you’ll never feel bad, wrong, incorrect for whatever you choose ever again.


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