Myself and others

The way to find what you look for is to make it and let it be.

Do you want love, justice, other good things? The way to disappointment is to expect it, demand it, complain that you don’t have it.

There isn’t anything unmade out there. In fact there is no out there.

All you will ever find is a machine that will be giving you the same over and over. And you will be pounding it in frustration, and it will keep giving the same, while it will be breaking down due to your pounding.

A mind that thinks based on some non extant past, gets forged in repetition, and repetition it gives. And so do other’s minds as well. And there is no mind there all by itself.

But aside from the mind, there is the maker of the mind, and the maker does not need to make any minds, but maybe out of unwillingness to be what it is in it’s unlimited extent.

Argue with somebody and see how the argument can never end, but maybe to some bitter compromise or ashes. Try to figure him out, and see how what you try to figure out will be there. Infuse him with unlimited love -with yourself- and see how he will be yourself and how all those logical arguments never did and will never make much difference. Can you do it? There lies true power. It lies in nothing that is against you nor against the other and his will. And there lies the ultimate challenge to end all challenges, if you’re looking for one.

Don’t try to rearrange nor to break the machine that you yourself make. Instead of making it, make what you love instead.

In view of the flame that is you, no machines made by you have any power, for they are poor substitutes of you. They only function with the heat you give them. And you have to be really careful, and light them with tiny sparks, so they wont burn. Why, burn it all. Your flames wont cause any injury but they will heal instead. That’s all it takes.


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