Your small world compared to the great one

Of course the title is sarcastic, but if you choose otherwise you can take it as literal too. You might as well not even read the article if it offends you. What great freedom you have…well, as much as you grant yourself –no more no less.

Your world, in which you can figure things out, imagine freely, is neither greater nor smaller than the world out there –particularly if you consider that the world out there is not one, but it is what each one individually experiences it like.

You are not part of any greater sum. You are your own distinct being, with your own distinct world.

Is life cruel? Are men bad? That is not just your own opinion. It is your own experience. And it isn’t invalid at all –for you. I couldn’t tell you otherwise. And if I did, it wouldn’t change your experiences. I could point out to you how you might have gotten that idea and experience, so you would no longer have to perpetuate it. If you -for example- had been driven to such a conclusion after having experienced some things, I could tell you, well that’s not what I’ve experienced, are you sure you know everything? Or has anybody told you it is like that? Or I could also let you go your way too, as it wouldn’t influence me at all. But the valid way of creating and perceiving your world is to do it yourself. It’s yours after all.

You see I haven’t tasked myself with arguing who is right and who is wrong, but to point some things out that aren’t true for all –a thing which could eventually hurt the objectively right one’s feelings. But that’s alright. I’ve gotten my own feelings hurt by buying into objectivity too.

A reason why one cannot change his/her own experiences, is because he/she doesn’t consider them his/her own when they are, or when he/she considers them his/her own, while they aren’t. If you heard somebody asserting something about ‘the world’ that you hadn’t been experiencing, but he insisted that it had been there all the time, and that you couldn’t see it because you had been stupid, that’s what could occur. And what do you know, from that point on you could experience it too, as you would be putting it there as part of some objective reality for yourself!  You would be doing it, not him. The same could occur if somebody asserted things about your mind, body or anything else.

Claim ownership of what is your own. And don’t claim ownership of what is not. Another’s thoughts, perception, will is not. Your own are, and you are their perfect owner, whatever those are. Also, don’t force ownership onto another either, in turn. And you will make it alright and happy and stuff, being the owner of your own experiences, even if those include others (without their being forced to of course).

What if you let go of other’s thoughts, perception, will, what would you be left with?


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