I wrote before how lies bring about problems. I’d like to extrapolate a little bit on that.

Let’s say I tell you that down on the road somewhere lies a starving guy and he is suffering and so on. And I ask from you 5$ to go give him. How would it feel to you? How much would you care for that guy, and how much would you be willing to give me the 5$? You would get stuck for a moment, no? That’s because no matter what you tell yourself or to me, you can always know truth.

Truth of the matter is you cannot care for something that isn’t there. And that can have it’s implications. First of all, you’ll need to lie to yourself as well as to me that you care. Second, and most important, your caring will have no effect.

You can’t care for something that doesn’t exist, or that isn’t quite as said to be. In trying to do so you get impression your caring doesn’t work.

And it can get quite frustrating to fail to care over and over. And do you know what can follow after you fail to care (depending on how stubborn you are)? Attack and disconnection.

Your caring can’t but work –always. But you must know what you care for. You must perceive it. You can neither change nor destroy that which you cannot know. And that doesn’t mean you cannot change or destroy in general. It means you don’t have the truth.

If you want to care, care for truth. And if you want to be cared for, be true yourself. If somebody deceives you will never genuinely care, and the same can occur to you too. That doesn’t mean you couldn’t.

If you got some impression about me based on things you had heard about me or maybe based on your own past experiences, you wouldn’t be able to change ‘me’. For that ‘me’ wouldn’t exist. You would need to know me as I am now. Otherwise you would be struggling with yourself.

All roads lead to Rome. Perceive in the now, without analyzing, without adding anything else.


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