An undelivered message

All we ever get stuck in trying to find out, all we ever get stuck in trying to pass is an undelivered or a mis-delivered message –a failure to communicate, to understand and be understood. That is the only thing that can keep us fixated.

A departed person you wanted to express your love to, an opponent you wanted to say ‘no’ to, but sat and said ‘yes sir’ instead. All those are undelivered messages –failures to be honest, true to oneself and others. And hate is a byproduct of those. Before you can hate, you need to misunderstand. And in full understanding hate cannot exist.

The ‘bad guy’ tries to pass a message you don’t quite grasp. He tries to communicate his own pain that he disowns (after he has misowned it) and assigns to you in turn. Just receive him, and do nothing more nor less than that, if you want to set him free.

The scientist, the prophet, the philosopher are all messengers of things others can’t understand by and for themselves. They exist only because the rest try to understand. And whether those messages are relayed accurately or not, or honestly or not, is another subject. Ultimately, one needs to understand for himself, so he can be free from trying to do so. And what a better way to do that than to be, let be and just perceive, without adding anything more.

Jesus, Siddhartha, Jefferson, Plato and others wanted to say something. But in time, communication got distorted, as other people interfered and relayed what they misunderstood to others. And that is something I do not wish to be part of; I don’t want to be Plato nor relay anybody’s messages. I don’t want such commitment. One could also get stuck inaccurately relaying another’s message. And then I should repair that.

But I’d like to trigger your own appetite to understand, and also point out why you might not, as I find it better than to talk about the weather. Ultimately each one will need to do that by and for himself.

Be patient, and allow things to unfold –‘things’ being what you wish to learn. Alternately, understand that it all lies within you now, and you need not look outside, if you’re up to knowing by and for yourself.

In the end, everything will be alright –that’s a message coming from me!

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