Arguing about religion

If life is a series of lessons to learn, of things to be understood, there is one I’ve learned the hard way: I don’t argue about religious, philosophical views.

I am on my own path, and you are on your own. There are reasons why we are on each path, and each one of us knows them better for and by himself.

If mine and yours coincide, we can understand each other. It isn’t a matter of education. Education can be acquired or not. And if one wills it, he will educate himself accordingly or otherwise try to learn. How come some do and others don’t? How come two can read the same thing and agree over it or not?

I have observed that, and I must tell you I have only learned what I wanted to learn in the first place. I encountered obstacles that I discarded in one way or another, but I did learn what I wanted to, and I still do. And if another chooses something else, that is perfectly alright, and no wrongness implied.

To sit and argue with another about all that would be another obstacle put on myself or the other. And if another wants obstacles, that is his choice as well. It’s perfectly respected, though not complied with. He will find others who want the same like him and who will do the same.

If somebody points something out to me, I can see it’s truthfulness or not, depending on how clear it is. I’m on a path of knowing for and by myself. And if somebody helps me by pointing something out (‘help’ not being make wrong/guilty about it) I will still need to perceive that truthfulness for and by myself. I do that because I can. And I can because I want to. That’s what I’d like for others too.

Others are respected by me, and I often try to understand them. However, I don’t necessarily adopt other’s views, based on number of people believing something, nor any other numbers. I agree or not based on my own instinct, not based on numbers. I agree based on what serves my being the most. And I have certain intentions for it.

My journey has brought me here, and yours might have brought you here or elsewhere. If the exchanging of learnt things is of assistance to each other, we will know. It will feel good, we will get brighter. The forcing ‘truth’ on each other -an impossible thing- is of no use to me, though it could be to another, for reasons only he knows.

You think somebody is a Christian because he was born here and another a Hindu because he was born there? I don’t think so. I was born in a Christian/Atheist country yet I’m neither. How come?  Nobody took me by the hand to teach me anything (actually, they did, but I broke free). I took things myself. I chose it. I went where I was drawn to. And the choice to choose it was my own too. I could had done otherwise.

I have paid for disagreeing with most over such matters. It didn’t serve me one bit in being approved by them. I got witch-hunted –as much as law allowed it and beyond. But that was another thing to learn –to trust my own wants as well as to allow the wants of others. And I’m super-glad about it. I wouldn’t agree nor disagree because somebody wanted to. I also learnt it didn’t matter one bit which religious/anti-religious group one belonged to, if he was disrespectful of my point of view. To have one’s own and to allow another’s viewpoint is an individual quality.

I have been told to be quiet and I am –but only at those who have no appetite to know me, and not to the rest. And I would ask somebody who wouldn’t want to know me why sneak-peek at me? I go where I’m drawn to, and I’m not drawn to what will destroy me. I trust in that. That is my compass.


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